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when life got me down, and that is exactly what I aim to do for the kids here. If I can make an impact on just one child going through something hard, I’ll have fulfilled my goals.

“Are you Megan?” a woman asks from my left. She has a bounce to her step, one of those always happy and bubbly people, who can’t help but brighten any room they enter. She’s got shoulder-length hair that bounces with each step she takes toward me and appears to be in her mid-thirties, if I had to guess.

“I am, you must be Lucy. It’s nice to meet you,” I tell her, reaching my hand out to shake hers. “HR told me to find you this morning.”

“Yep, I’m excited to show you around and get you out on your own. We’ve got some great patients up here.”

“I’m excited to work with them. All the new-hire paperwork and classes last week were boring, but I knew they were necessary for me to get to the fun parts of the job.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me of all of those videos,” she groans. “How about we get going and get to that fun?” she suggests.

I place my backpack and jacket in my locker and grab my water bottle from the holder hanging off the side of my chair.

“I’m just going to fill my water bottle quickly,” I tell Lucy as I roll over to the water fountain and top off my bottle before heading out to the nurses’ station to get my assignments for the day. I was released to work with patients just this week and still need to learn my way around the children’s wings.

“Hey, Brianna,” Lucy calls as we approach the nurses’ station. “This is Megan, our new CLS for the wing. I’ll be showing her around today and then she’ll be on her own.”

“Hello, nice to meet you,” I greet Brianna.

“Oh, hi! Nice to meet you! I heard we finally hired someone, so welcome.”

“Thank you, I look forward to working together.”

“Do you have a list of patients for us?” Lucy asks Brianna.

“I do, and Dr. Montgomery just asked if we could make sure that his patient in four can have someone visit her once her vitals stabilize.”

“Absolutely, just let me know once they do and I’ll make sure one of us makes it in to see her. Anyone else a priority today?” Lucy asks, scanning the list on the tablet before she hands it over to me to look at.

“The little boy, Stanley, in room one, loves playing Legos, so just be prepared for that,” Brianna tells me. “Otherwise, I think seeing them in any order should be fine.”

“Got it!” I pull up Stanley’s chart to take a quick look at things and get a quick overview of his case. “Should we start with Stanley?” I ask Lucy.

“He’s the perfect patient to start with. Let’s grab some Legos and head to his room. Did HR give you any kind of tour yet?”

“A short one. I was shown where the staff locker room was, and the supply rooms, and that was about it.”

“Okay, perfect. Let’s head to the supply room for the Legos,” Lucy says as she heads down the hall.

I pull out two tubs of Legos and balance them on my lap.

“Do you want me to take one of those for you?” she offers.

“I’m good. Plus, I need to be able to do this on my own when you’re not with me.”

“Of course,” she agrees with me, smiling.

We stop at the partially open door and knock against the frame before pushing the door open and rolling in.

“Hi! Who are you?” a little voice greets me from across the room.

“Hi Stanley, I’m Megan. I heard you like to play Legos, and I wanted to know if you’d like to help me build something today?”

“Legos!” he says excitedly, popping up from the side of his bed.

“That’s right, Legos!” I match his excitement.

“Hi Lucy!” He adds as an afterthought.

“Hi Stanley. How are you today?” she asks him as I roll over to a small table in his room and place the two bins on a chair next to it.

“Come on over and we can play,” I tell him as I motion him to join me. He reaches behind him and grabs his IV stand, pulling it behind him as he walks over to the table. I take in his gait and appearance. Thanks to a quick look at his chart before, I know he’s here as he undergoes