Claiming Her - Tory Baker Page 0,1

to be easy in the least, it may push me to my limits.

“We can work on hacking into her accounts while you’re with her. It looks like we have an easy caseload, and we can hand off some of these to Leo,” Bridger says.

“That works for me.” We finish wrapping up our meeting in a short amount of time.

“I’ll get you the details while you do a little breaking and entering.” I roll my eyes at the shit starter Bridger says as we head our separate ways.

I already know where I’m going. I need to get into Taylor’s house while she’s working at the courthouse. Travis was vague about why she needed help, so this will give me the time to get to her place and scope it out before I come in contact with the woman that sets my blood on fire.

As for the two clowns I’m leaving at our office, I hope they get stuck with desk work today. Especially since I know how much they hate it.

I head for Taylor’s house, not needing the GPS to tell me how to get there. I’ve been here so many times in the past few years, I should change my driver’s license to her address. I feel like I’m here more often than at my own home.

Her condo is in an older community, Travis tried to set her up in his empty house, Taylor wouldn’t have it though. So, it’s rented out instead of sitting empty. Even though it would be a huge step up from this place. It’s clean, but you can see the age on it in the way nothing has been updated. The cars in the parking lot are older, and you can see some of the tenants are sitting on their front porches while they read the newspapers as I walk up to Taylor’s door.

The last time I was here to scope her place out when she first moved in, I snagged her spare key, made my own copy, and then promptly returned it all before she knew about it. Call me a psychopath all you want, you can’t ever be too careful when her brother is in a war-torn area and she has no family to fall back on while he’s there. Not to mention the enemies that would use Taylor against him. Fuck, for that matter, anyone in my past could do the same if they catch wind of me looking after her. That’s why I’ve stayed away from her for so long. Not to mention Travis would kick my ass if he thought I was sniffing around Taylor.

When I walk into her place, the scent of lemon permeates the air. It’s not until I see the wax melting in a ceramic pot by the front door that I realize she’s left it on all day. “Damn fire hazard,” I say, shaking my head. If I turn it off she’ll know for sure someone was in here, and who knows what’s really going on and why she wouldn’t want Travis to worry over her. Walking around her place doesn’t give me a whole lot of clues about what’s really going on or why Travis wants me to watch her. I even walk through her home office, bypassing her bedroom completely. If I go in there, I might do something stupid like look through every drawer in there.

My phone ringing has me going back toward the kitchen to see if she has a stack of mail there like most people do. I pull my phone out of my pocket and answer, “Yo.” It’s Bridger on the other line.

“Did a search on Taylor. Not much of a lead. She sticks to herself, has one social media page that’s on private. I’m hacking into it now, but other than that, she lives a solitary life. Works at the courthouse. She goes to the gym, the grocery store, and has an online shopping addiction. Though, if Easton were here, he’d know what she ate for breakfast, what time she goes to bed, and everything in between,” Bridger says, and he’s not wrong. I hate that Easton branched off, but there’s nothing that would lure him back to Virginia and away from Cam.

“I’m not finding anything here, and I don’t really want to stay that much longer. Her neighbors are older and like to people watch.” I take a look on the counter and see a stack of letters. Bridger is rattling on which gym she works out at,