Claimed For Their Pleasure (Omega Prey #6) - L.V. Lane Page 0,2

watch over me. There is a rightness about it.

His arms make a gentle cage around me, inside which I am safe. I become aware that I am sitting on his lap and that he is still naked. Many lasses in the village swoon over Brandon, for he is very handsome. Further, he is best friends with our clan king’s brother and has a high status.

I can admit that I have noticed him. Papa says I am too young to be thinking about boys. Although, my mother always winks behind his back whenever he voices this determination.

When I peep at Brandon through my lashes, I notice he’s watching me. His eyes are a bright clear blue. Wolf eyes, they call them, for all shifters have them.

“Half the village is out looking for you,” he says gruffly. “We need to get back.”

Only he doesn’t move, and I don’t either. My gaze lowers to his lips.

“Don’t fucking look at me like that, lass,” he says.

I swallow. This close, his sharp white fangs are visible when he speaks.

Then I glance up and find he is staring at my mouth. My lips part on a gasp. Is he going to kiss me?

“Oh!” I am unceremoniously dumped onto the ground as he stands. Not yet having a chance to right myself, he shifts to a wolf and closes his teeth over my nightgown. “Goddess!”

He tugs, pulling me over again with a warning growl.

I try to bat him away, but he is far too big and far too strong. Pushing me onto my stomach, he closes his teeth over the back of my nightgown and lifts me clear from the ground. He is so huge that I dangle thus.

“Brandon!” I wail. “What are you doing?” Oh, he can’t mean to carry me all the way home like this, can he? At his low growl, I still, arms and legs hanging. This is assuredly not a comfortable way to travel.

Just as I am about to demand he put me down, he bounds off into the forest.


Three years later…


EVER SINCE HE rescued me, I can’t stop thinking about Brandon. Now every time I see him in the village, the memories of that day come crashing back.

The confusing mixture of emotions as his big hand spanked my bottom.

The sweet, safe comfort as I nestled upon his lap.

Both memories bring a little flutter, although it manifests in different ways.

It has been three years since he imprinted upon me and my obsession became fully-fledged… three long years.

At first, I thought he ignored me because he was older and I was only a girl. But I am eighteen now, and soon I will be expected to choose a husband.

To make matters worse, Brandon lives with his parents, whose cottage is on the opposite side of the lane.

As I exit my home, sibling brats clinging to my hide skirt, I see Brandon outside his home. Sturdy ax in his hands, he is busy splitting wood. It is a warm summer day, and he has stripped his leather jerkin and tossed it over the nearby post.

A gaggle of lasses are leaning over the fence of the sheep paddock, pretending to be doing things. They are not doing anything other than staring at Brandon’s rippling muscles.

Goddess help me, now I am also staring at his rippling muscles.

“Jessa! Take this over to Doreen,” my mother says, bustling out of our cottage. There is a giant pie in her hands that she baked earlier this morning.

Doreen is Brandon’s mother. Ordinarily, I would not mind popping over to take a pie, for I know Doreen has not been so well. But it means walking past Brandon.

“I am busy, Mother,” I say, mind scrambling for a reason why I might be too busy to carry a pie a small distance and coming up short. I am a dutiful child who is always willing and helpful.

My mother looks past me to where Brandon works up a sweat.

“My,” she says. “What a strapping lad!” Then she winks and hands over the cherry pie. “At least you have a good excuse, unlike the shameless hussies gawking.”

I think my mama knows I like Brandon. I think my papa does too, but they handle my obsession in very different ways.

“Everyone else inside,” my mother says. “You too, Greta. Go and wash your hands afore lunch.”

Greta has a soft spot for Brandon, and Mama corrals my youngest sibling back inside when she tries to dart off.

With no choice now, I make my way across the