Chasing Us - Kat T.Masen Page 0,1

be a baby involved. The room remained silent. I buried my head in my hands unable to cope with the magnitude of the situation.

“Samantha…” I didn’t know how to respond, unable to rid myself of the dullness in my chest, the heaviness of my actions crippling my ability to think straight.

What would Charlotte think when she found out? I promised her I hadn’t touched Samantha since we began our affair. My stomach churned—I couldn’t lose her. No way could I lose Charlotte. I wouldn’t know how to live without her. The pain in my chest deepened as the possibility weighed heavily on my mind that Charlotte would walk out of my life for good.

“Anyway, I’m sure your little girlfriend will find out soon. Kaley Wilson was at the doctor’s office when I found out. We had a nice little chat,” she gloated.

Kaley Wilson, the little bitch, had made life hell for Charlotte. She was probably knocking on Charlotte’s door right now spreading the news. I needed to get out, I needed a chance to explain all this to Charlotte. She needed to know how sorry I was, but more importantly, that I didn’t mean to hurt her. My poor Charlotte, my heart sank knowing what was coming. The urge to protect her from the pain was the only thing I was determined to do.

The doorbell rang much to my surprise as we weren’t expecting anyone. Samantha walked over to open the door, and I heard the voices, recognizing them immediately. It was my parents and sister. I prepared myself for what was about to come.

“Hi, son. Samantha called us over saying you had some news.”

My mother leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Her face excited, I knew she had suspected something, her life-long dream of being a grandmother finally being fulfilled. I couldn’t keep up the charade, the anger I felt right now was overwhelming.

“Please, Andrew and Emily, sit down.” Samantha led them to the living room, my sister grabbing Samantha’s hand, jumping up and down.

“Would anyone like a drink?” Samantha asked.

“We’re fine, sweetheart. Please, what’s the big news?”

“Well, I might as well get straight to the point. Alex and I are expecting a baby!” she squealed.

Adriana started jumping up and down, hugging Samantha, careful not to squeeze her. My mother, already crying, also stood to hug Samantha.

My father remained still, pressing his lips tightly, not saying a single word. Unlike the women around me elated over the news, he didn’t express any emotion besides an expression of disappointment.

“A bit young, don’t you think?” he questioned with a bitter smile.

Yes, Dad. Fucking young and a massive fail on my behalf, I wanted to yell at him.

“Andrew, please,” my mother scolded. “A child is a blessing.”

“Emily, he has a career to focus on with years of studying to become a doctor, and now what?”

Despite my anger toward this outcome, I didn’t appreciate being spoken about like I wasn’t standing here. But what could I say? I didn’t want this baby. I wasn’t ready to become a father.

“You’re right, Dad,” I agreed, biting my tongue to stop the malice teetering on the edge. “It all seems like a waste, but you did it with Mom, same age. So, what’s stopping me?”

“Because I wanted more for you!” he barked, my mother clasping her hand against her chest at his outburst. “This wasn’t the plan.”

“Right.” I laughed, nodding. “I forgot this was your life… not mine.”

I wanted to go to Charlotte, more than anything I had ever wanted in my life, the urge to close my eyes and make this disappear lingering in my thoughts. This was all too much—the baby and my father’s disappointment in being unable to control my life.

“I need… I need to go for a run.”

I walked into my bedroom and put on my trainers. I left the house with the women still basking in the news, and my father sulking in disappointment.

With my headphones on, I searched my playlist needing something that reminded me of a happier time. I ran hard along the hiking trails, not letting my mind think about the baby.

I stood against a tree, trying to catch my breath.

The dream was falling apart.

I was going to shatter this for us.

I needed her right now.

I needed to feel her one more time before our delusional bubble burst. The song quickly changed, and I decided to do what I had done nearly every night when we were apart—I stood in the dark watching her room.

My focus