Can't Get Enough (Dragon Kin) - G.A. Aiken Page 0,1

and another window—in case he needed that as well. Then he caught a scent. It was deliciously familiar. He sniffed the air again. A dragoness. He grinned. Oh…he knew that scent quite well.

After more than three decades, he’d never forgotten the owner of that scent. How could he? She’d thrown his own battle ax at his head. Among his kin, that was merely a declaration of never-ending love.

No longer thinking of the soldiers searching for him, he let his nose lead him. The library went deeper than he realized, the scent luring him into near darkness among old, dusty tomes he’d never give up a second of his life reading. When he finally stopped, he stared at the human form sitting on the floor. She had her back against the bookshelf and wore the robes of a human acolyte, the brownish-red tint of the cloth suggesting alchemy as the area of study.

Ailean stared at the top of her head, the hood of the robe slipping off a bit to reveal golden hair.

He’d never expected to see her living as human. Fascinated, he crouched down in front of her and stared, waiting for her to lift her head up. He wanted to see her face again.

It took her a bit to pull herself out of her book, but eventually she looked up at him. Ailean took in a sharp breath at the sight of her.

Gods of hellfire…she really is gorgeous.

She had a pretty enough face and those always-intense gold eyes. But it was those spots splattered across the bridge of her pug nose and onto her cheeks that fascinated him most. Freckles, the humans called them.

And below that…he almost sighed. Those lips. They were ridiculously full and the softest pink. He could spend hours enjoying those lips. Hours.

Breaking into a wide grin, knowing he was the last being on the planet she’d ever wanted to see again, Ailean said with glee, “By all the gods of blood and death—if it isn’t Shalin the Innocent! Did you miss me?”

Oh, gods. Not him!

Anyone but him.

The one dragon she’d give anything to have in her cave, in her bed—anywhere she could get him.

But even now, just having him here in the library put her at risk. Especially with him naked.

Ahh, but what a beautiful naked he was.

No. No. She couldn’t think like that. Ever. First off, what exactly would she do with him? She’d had lovers before. Well…she’d had two. But two nice, quiet, well-schooled ones. But Ailean the Slag…well, he was the stuff fantasies were made of. So very tall and wide, all of it sturdy strength and powerful muscle. Whether as dragon or human, he stood much taller than those around him. Then there was that hair. A silky mass of midnight blue she could easily imagine sliding through her fingers, draping over her body. It was long and luxurious and simply…och! She was doing it again.

But how could she not? Especially with those bright silver eyes watching her and that adorable grin on those decadently full lips. Even his nose, which clearly had taken considerable abuse as human, made her think all sorts of distracting, I’ll-never-be-an-Elder-if-I-keep-this-up thoughts.

Fool, Shalin!

And she was a fool. The one dragon she could never again go near, the one dragon she could never even think of talking to, was Ailean the Wicked. Also known as Ailean the Whore, Ailean the Slag, and a host of other names, depending on who you talked to.

Why? Why did she have to deny herself the one thing every other dragoness and human female seemed able to enjoy since Ailean had been no more than twenty winters?

Because of that night. That one damn night when he’d become the absolute obsession of Princess Adienna. The dragoness spoke of him constantly. Obsessed over every move she’d heard he’d made. Although she’d never demean herself by tracking him down herself, Adienna still waited for him to return. And every female who had graced his bed before or since—and there had been so very many—became the enemy of this one irrational female.

Adienna said she loved him, but Shalin had a hard time believing love and obsession were the same thing. Would the princess be so “in love” with Ailean if he’d come back to her begging for more time in her bed? If he’d crawled to her on his belly, professing a never-ending love? Or would she have tossed him aside like quite a few others?

But Ailean had done none of those things. He’d run from