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Handsome and Tortured, she said to the bartender, “Give me something. Anything. Just make it strong.” She had never had more than a sip of wine before—alcohol wasn’t her thing, not when she could do such amazing things with sugar and chocolate—but Callie didn’t care. If there was ever a time to get drunk, it was now.

The best man, who was even more striking up close, tossed back a shot of something golden then turned to face her. “She’ll have a shot of tequila,” he told the bartender, all the while holding her gaze with his own. Seemingly pleased by her shock at his forward behavior, he quirked an eyebrow and added, “Make it two. With lime and salt.”

Callie had never seen eyes so green. Or such a gorgeous, masculine face. She blinked and tried to tear her eyes from his, but she didn’t have a chance.

“Tobey Danville,” he said, his voice warm and slightly thick.

Callie’s tongue darted out to lick her lips. She knew she was supposed to say her name, but she was having the darnedest time just remembering to breathe around this guy. His name seemed vaguely familiar, but her brain wasn’t working well enough for her to think about anything at all.

One side of his mouth quirked up, but his semi-grin was far from being a smile.

“And you are?” he asked, his tone slightly mocking, as if he was used to women losing all use of their tongues whenever he deigned to speak to them.

The bartender placed a shot glass of tequila in front of Callie and she finally pulled herself away from her trance of lust. It was long past time for her to stop acting like such an idiot. What did it matter how gorgeous this guy was? He was probably married, she was definitely single and that was that.

“Callie Moore,” she said without looking at him again—god forbid she get stuck in his green eyes again—and picked up the little glass. She took a small sip of the liquid and nearly spit it out.

Suddenly angry at being the butt of some stranger’s joke, she turned towards Tobey, her eyes flashing. “What is this? Are you trying to kill me?” His laughter was so unexpected that Callie took a step back.

“I take it you’ve never had tequila before?” he said, his words mixing with his laughter.

Callie shook her head, not trusting herself to say anything more to this awful, albeit incredible, specimen of a man. When he laughed his eyes lit up and she thought they sparkled like the ocean, which was a ridiculous thought given that the closest she’d ever come to seeing a green-blue ocean was during a documentary about Jacques Cousteau on television.

But before she could walk away—scratch that, run away—to her car and leave to go hide in her kitchen behind her store, he leaned down so that she could feel his warm breath across her cheek and said, “Won’t you let me show you how?” His softly spoken words made shivers run all the way from the tips of Callie’s breasts, which were now hard points of desire, past the vee of her legs, which was suddenly hot and aching, all the way down to the tips of her toes, which were fairly curling in her high heels. Every cell in her body was quivering in anticipation of whatever it was that Tobey wanted to show her.

“God, yes,” she said in an exhale, wanting him to show her far more than how to drink the bitter beverage. Right now, as far as she was concerned, he could show her anything he wanted. Preferably naked, of course.

Callie knew she should be shocked by her wanton behavior, by her shameless thoughts, but she couldn’t think straight with this man invading all of her personal space.

He slid the two glasses together and picked up a slice of lime. “First, you hold the lime between your teeth, with the flesh facing me.” Obediently, Callie opened up her mouth and let Tobey slide the small green fruit between her lips. His thumb brushed lightly over her bottom lip as he did so, and even though she knew he was touching her on purpose to tease her with his power, to show her that he already controlled her body with his own, she didn’t care.

“Now tilt your neck to the side,” he said as he brushed her blonde curls away from her neck. With hot, sure fingers, he lightly pushed aside the neckline of her