Brothers Black 7 - Blue Saffire


Good Morning


I can’t breathe, but that’s the intention. His tight grip on my throat has cut off my air supply. My body coils tightly as it’s sent somewhere between heaven and the unknown.

He’s done exactly what he set out to do. Clear my thoughts of anything other than him. I wrap my hands around the harness suspending me in the air as John rocks into me.

“Stop fighting it. Come,” he commands in my ear.

His warm breath tickles my skin, causing me to shiver. When he moves to look into my eyes, his are dark with lust. Their golden color has rescinded to the very edges.

I’m not alone. Not that I could possibly ever think I am. His thick dick by itself ensures that’s not the case. To think there was a time I thought I’d never stretch enough to take him whole.

Now the pleasure and pain just intensify the sensations running through my body. I want to close my eyes as I soar toward the ultimate release, but I know if I do, he’ll snatch it from me.

John bites my chin in warning before kissing the sting away. If nothing else, he has just set flames to the fire already consuming me. How can a man wield sex like a weapon?

He slaps my ass, pulling the last of the defiance from me. I give up the fight and come all over him. It’s so intense, I sag against his body as much as the harness will allow, placing my head on his shoulder.

“That’s my baby,” John croons and kisses the top of my head. “Now you can stop stressing. The baby is reacting to it.”

I sigh. I know she is. She’s been crying constantly. Dry diaper, she’s fed, and still, she hollers unless John holds her.

If only he knew. Great sex isn’t going to fix this one. Although, I know some punishment sex is on its way. When he finds out the entirety of what’s been going on behind his back, he’s going to kill me and Torque.

What he knows now is nothing. Torque has been taking the brunt of his ire. I feel so guilty. I’m testing John’s patience on a new level.

He’s been patient but of all the trouble I’ve gotten into, it’s never been anything like this. I could kill Torque. If it weren’t for his age and understanding his motives, I might have.

John and I have a baby to think about now. Torque should have thought about—

“Do I have to fuck you again?” John cuts into my thoughts with his words, running his fingertips down the center of my spine to the crack of my ass.

He slides a single digit between my cheeks and brushes it against my puckered hole. My body quakes, the harness sways with the motion. I lift my head and look at him.

“She’ll be up soon for her next feeding,” I say.

“My cock is already hard. I’ll be quick about it.”

As if on cue, he pulses inside of me. I’ll never be able to understand how he does that. I felt his hot seed erupt with my climax, and he’s still rock hard already.

“John,” I groan.

He rolls his eyes and pulls out of my body. Like a pro, he cradles me to his chest as he releases me from the harness. When my arms are free, I wrap them around his neck.

“Let’s get you taken care of and I’ll go get her before she wakes.”

I only murmur my consent. I’m so exhausted from the baby, stress, and getting back into the swing of things with work. When John dragged me in here to the playroom, I thought I’d pass out before he could get me wherever he wanted me.

I think he picked the harness with that in mind. Not that I’m complaining. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to start full play again. I know this morning is only a taste.

This morning. Ugh. We’ll have to start our day in a few hours. I wonder what’s in store for us. I have to make a decision before John finds out what Torque has done.

“Why don’t you just talk to me?”

I focus on John from my perch on the en suite bathroom countertop. He placed me here before starting the water in the tub. He rests his palms flat on either side of me and locks me in his gaze.

I reach out to touch his face. God, this man is so beautiful. It’s a family trait, being so gorgeous. All of the