Brody - Ellie Masters



A five-inch stiletto whizzes past my ear. Thrown with surprising aim, I barely dodge the flying projectile before it strikes the wall behind me. It hits hard, leaving a mark. A smirk tugs at the corner of my lips.

“Nice shot.” I finish tying my tie and tug at my cufflinks.

“I missed.” The leggy blonde reaches for the matching shoe.

“Gold star for effort, babe, and honorable mention for aim. Doesn’t change anything. Time to go.” I hook a thumb toward the door.

“You’re really kicking me out?”


The matching shoe follows, but this time I snatch it out of the air. Damn, but I’m going to miss Whatever-her-name-is. With legs that go for miles and creamy thighs a man could lose himself in, she entertained me for hours, but I’m ready to call it a night.

“You heard me…” I close the distance between us. Her eyes grow wide and her pupils dilate. I might be done, but she’s turned the fuck on. I hand her back her shoes, knowing she’ll likely throw them at me again before we’re through. Too damn predictable.

“Baby…” Her pert little mouth, so skillful at swallowing me whole, opens on a breathy moan. She’s moments from either giving me a piece of her mind or throwing whatever self-respect she has left out the door to beg for one more fuck. I’m shameless enough to consider it.

“Uh-uh.” I point to the door again.

“You can’t be serious?” She leans back and sprawls on the bed. Tits in the air, she arches her back. Her toned legs part to reveal a glistening pussy which is still swollen from when I was buried balls deep inside of it. “Tell me you don’t want more of this, baby?”

“I don’t. We’re done, hun.” I no longer care what she has to offer. She’s joined the ranks of all the other meaningless women passing through my bed. Another forgettable face. Another unmemorable fuck. I’ve had my fill, and I’m ready to move on.

Her lower lip trembles, and I brace for the avalanche of emotions that always comes next. “We had fun, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, sweetie, we had fun.” I gesture toward the door again. How many times is she going to make me ask? I don’t have the patience for this shit.

“You’re really kicking me out?” Her eyes narrow as it sinks in.

She thinks I’m playing some game.

The thing is, I’m not.

“You had fun. I had fun. Time to quit while you’re ahead, don’t you think?”

Her brows tug together. She wants to argue, but she won’t win. I’m the man who fucks. I never date. My reputation precedes me, and even though women know it, they still flock to me. Each one believes she’ll tame me. Thing is, I don’t need to be tamed. As for why they keep coming, I think it’s for the prestige of bagging the unattainable. They use me as much as I use them. There’s no guilt. Sometimes regret, but no guilt.

I gesture toward the door again. “We had a good time, don’t ruin it.” I lean against the wall, casually kicking back while my gaze takes a final leisurely stroll down her body.

Luscious lips. Perky tits. Neatly shaved mound. Legs that go on forever and wrapped tight around me as I sought oblivion inside her sensuous heat. She’s gorgeous. A perfect ten. And she’s one hell of a good fuck. But that’s all she is. That’s all any of them are.

What the fuck is her name?

She cocks her head and realizes the problem I’m having. The girl is smart.

“For the love of God.” She props her hand on her hip and aches her back, displaying those luscious tits to advantage. “Brody La Rouge, you don’t remember my name, do you?”

I remember her father’s name. Charles Brimble is an investment banker my equity investment firm occasionally does business with. We run in the same social circles. His stunning daughter has been away at college and only just returned to the Bay Area. No longer a child, she’s gorgeous and only now dipping her toes in the social waters. I’m the shark that bit first and I fucking swallowed her whole.

“Brandy?” I’m ninety percent confident that’s somewhere in the ballpark.

“It’s Candice, you fucking asshole.”

Okay, I’m way off base.

She looks at her high heels and gives a shake of her head. “But damn if you don’t fuck like a goddamn stallion. You sure you’re done, because…”

“We’re done.” I took her every way a man can: pussy, mouth, and finished with her tight little ass. Candice