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here to hear shit that he shouldn’t.

“Not you too,” I mutter.

“Don’t discount what Levi said about Miles Granger, Nora. I know what this man is capable of and have seen first-hand the results to the victims that have had the unfortunate privilege of being in his company,” Hades states, his arms crossed over his chest as he stares at me.

Hades has this way about him that’s easy, yet at the same time difficult because it reminds me of Mac. Granted, it’s not his fault Mac is gone, and I’ll never know what I could have had with him, but it still hurts all the same.

Nodding my head, I go back to sweeping the floors. Once I’m done, I put the broom away and start cleaning up around my chair when my phone rings. I pick it up off the counter. Miles’ name pops up and I bite my lip as I swipe my finger across the screen to answer.

“Hey, Miles.” I hope he doesn’t hear the nervousness in my tone.

“Hi, sweetheart. Look I wanted to see if you would allow me to take you out to dinner again tonight. Maybe take in a movie,” Miles says, politely.

“I’m sorry, I can’t tonight,” I state as I try to come up with an excuse to not go out with him.

“Alright, I know it’s last minute. If you don’t want to go out maybe I can bring dinner to your house,” he offers.

Licking my lips, I sit in my chair that I use for my customers.

“Not tonight, Miles, I’m sorry. I already have plans.” What a lame ass excuse to use. Way to go Nora, now he’s going to really know something’s up.

“I see. Well maybe another night. How about I call you tomorrow and we work something out for tomorrow evening?” I can sense a hint of irritation in his voice.

“That sounds good,” I say, smiling.

“Good, then I’ll call you in the morning. Have a good evening, sweetheart,” he murmurs before disconnecting.

Sighing I put my phone back down on the counter. Sitting back in the chair I think of what I’ll say to him tomorrow. I have the night to get my wits about me.

Little did I know the nightmare tomorrow would bring and that I should never have let myself become a target for Miles Granger.

Chapter One


Present Day

“Why the hell did we fuckin’ agree to this shit again?” I grumble, standing off to the side of the hospital room. I’ve barely left this room and it’s starting to get to me; however, I won’t leave my Prez and his ol’ lady unprotected.

Chains may have woken up from the coma he’d been in after being shot and almost dying, but he still needs someone to watch his back. Not just as my Prez, but as my flesh in blood. Cousins who are more like brothers than anything else. We were raised together by Ryder when Chains’ parents died, and my mom and aunt disappeared.

Thank fuck, they did too. Aunt Irène and my mom are two hateful women who should never have taken their first breaths. Not only did they sell my cousin, Victoria, to be vindictive, they’d both been abusive to not just me but my cousins, Tyres and Brake. If not for Ryder taking us away from them and having them disappear, we probably would not have made it growing up. Or we would all have ended up on the streets. It definitely would have been a lot easier than living in their home.

“We agreed because not only is this woman associated with the Devil’s Riot and part of their family, she’s a battle buddy’s little sister. This isn’t us doing something just for the DRMC, but for someone I also consider a damn good friend,” Ryder states, quietly, not wanting to disturb Tiny who was finally, for the first time in weeks, sleeping curled up in her ol’ man’s arms. Chains had woken up briefly then fallen back to sleep. The nurses said it’s normal for him to do this, but the last time he woke up, he’d taken one look at his ol’ lady, held out his hand and all but ordered her to climb up in the bed with him.

If there were any other man I know that was as protective as Chains is of his woman, it’d be Victoria’s ol’ man, Tracker.

“Right. Who’s going to be watching out for this woman?” I grunt, not liking the fact we just finished dealing with one drama, only to get