Breakers Fuse - E.C. Land



Five Months Ago

“Nora, what the hell have you gone and done now?” Levi snaps as he storms into the salon. It’s a good thing the customers here are used to this kind of antic considering it happens a lot. Well not normally with me. Usually it’s my best friend Emerson’s husband or ol’ man, whatever you want to call him, storming in when Emerson does something that gets on his nerves. What do you expect, she’s a pure redhead spitfire and has a mind of her own?

Me, on the other hand, I never have anything like this going on so the fact he’s coming in here pissed off is something new.

Rolling my eyes, I lean the broom I’d been using to sweep up the mess on the floor against the wall, I turn to face my outraged brother, ready for a stand-off. It’s nothing unusual with us. When you grow up with three older brothers you learn quickly how to avoid them being in your business all the time. Well, I should say try to avoid them being in your business. Doesn’t always work when two are in the military, the other retired and works for an investigation company.

“What did I do now?” I ask, snarkily while crossing my arms over my chest.

“You know what the hell you did,” he accuses, making it all the way to me, his hands planted on his waist.

“I do a lot of things, so you might want to enlighten me on what it is you seem to be pissed about now.” I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact I’d finally decided to date after what happened a year ago. Having been shot and then knowing the man you were falling for was killed puts a damper on the idea of putting yourself out there.

Last night I’d gone out for the first time and had a great time with Miles Granger. I’d met him a few times when I’d gone to the coffee shop down the street that my friend, Carson, owns and has some of the best coffee in the world. When he asked me to dinner, I agreed without hesitation. I mean who would decline a date with Miles. He’s gorgeous. Built like a linebacker with blond hair, gray eyes, and, hello, the confidence he has is alluring.

“Don’t test me, Nora. I have no problem taking you to the office and locking your ass down until you come to your senses. Do you have any idea who the fuck you went out with last night?” Levi snarls and my spine straightens at the tone in his voice.

“One, stop following my every move and two, what is wrong with me going out with Miles. He was nice. We had a great time, what’s wrong with that?” More than annoyed at this point, I uncross my arms and step closer to my brother ready to throw down, like we’ve done on more than one occasion.

“First off, Nora, Miles Granger is not a good person. The fact you called him nice is a joke. Second, you need to never see him again. He’s a killer and will not hesitate to kill you. And third, little sis, no way in hell would I not follow up on what you do. It’s my fucking job to protect you. Mine, Flynn, and Dash’s. Get over it.” My blood pressure, I swear, is going to blow through the roof.

“I won’t get over it Levi. It’s my life and I’ll date whoever the hell I want to. Now, you need to get the hell over it and leave me the hell alone,” I snap, pissed as hell at Levi for acting as if I were a child.

“I’m not gonna leave you alone, Nora, not when it comes to your safety. I’m telling you, if you don’t get smart and end things with Miles Granger now, it could mean your fuckin’ life. And I for one am not ready to see my little sister in a fuckin’ box,” Levi snarls before turning away and stalking out of the salon slamming the door behind him.

Stunned by the anger that radiated off my brother, I let his words sink in.

Miles isn’t a good person.

He’s a killer.

Won’t hesitate to kill you.

Could he just be overreacting?

“Nora, I’d suggest you listen to your brother.” Whipping my head around to face the man the voice belongs to, I groan. Hades is standing there in the doorway to the backroom. He’s known for popping in and always