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Cormac Delaney was everything I hated about men—arrogant, smug and condescending, but he was also everything my body responded to—gorgeous, tall, brooding, and confident. Oh, and he happened to be a partner at the publishing company I was trying to get signed to. My book—“Fu*#[email protected]”—about how men are selfish, sex-crazed pigs—was one vote away from being published—his vote. But not only did he hate my book, he asked me a question that would change things between us forever:

“How can you be an expert on men when you’ve never been in a real relationship?”

He had a point, but I wasn’t about to let him know. Instead I did what any self-respecting writer and podcaster would do—I proposed a radical social experiment. Cormac and I would live together for one month as boyfriend and girlfriend. If he could change my mind about men I’d withdraw my book. If not, he’d agree to publish it.

My only condition? No sex, or anything physical, whatsoever.

I never thought he’d go for it, but I guess I was wrong about him, and in more ways than one. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Cormac Delaney, even if he is easy on the eyes. . . fine, he’s good looking. . . alright, he’s hot as hell, but still! To do this I’m going to have to remind myself of a few things: we’re only an experiment, nothing more. He’s not the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen in my life, he absolutely does not have a body that makes me tingle in all the right places, and I’m never, under any circumstances, going to let myself fall for him. . . Right?

Praise for “The Three Kiss Clause”

“The writing was engaging, flawless and full of humorous banter, as well as scorching chemistry.”—Totally Booked Blog

“My favorite Rom/Com of 2020 goes to him. A must read book!”—Diann Bryan

“…One of the best books I've read this year. The laughs, gasps, and hot steamy scenes will make you fall in love with Cormac and Tori right from the start…”—Jessica Wireman Couch

“It is a whole other level. How do I judge if a romcom is a hit?? When my kids are asking me what’s so funny because I can’t contain my laughter.”—Kris Riley, My Blissful Books Blog

The Three Kiss Clause is a funny, sexy, standalone enemies-to-lovers HEA rom-com that’s exclusively on Amazon, and available to #oneclick now!


Senior Year of High School

“Ten Steps Away.”

It’s time to man up.

That’s what my friends keep telling me anyway.

They’re sick of hearing me talk about her, and I can’t exactly say that I blame them. Cheryl is the hottest on two legs that this school has seen in the last four years—maybe ever, and for the first time ever she’s standing without her little pack friends who usually make approaching her an impossibility.

I should get my ass up, walk over there, and ask her out.

‘Should’ being the operative word.

I don’t know what my problem is—it’s not like I’m some nerd who’s in the all the science and math clubs and couldn’t catch a ball to save his own life. I’m a varsity athlete—and a damn good one. Coach even thinks I might have some offers to go play at a few colleges.

But right now playing well enough to get into a good school is less nerve racking than the prospect of Cheryl rejecting my ass.

I’ve always been one of those players who can see opportunities when no one else does. It’s like a second sight that only I have. I know when to move and when not to. I see a play happening seconds before it does. It freaks coach out, but he also loves it because it’s won us more than our share of games.

I don’t hesitate—I see an opportunity and I take it.

That’s what I have right now—a shot that’s going to be gone soon, maybe in seconds. And if I don’t act, I’ll feel like shit for not even trying.

10 steps away. That’s how far she is from me. Ten steps and I’m counting each one in my head to distract me from the anxiety in my chest that’s near impossible to ignore, and that’s getting stronger the closer I get.

She looks hot as hell. But that’s not saying anything original — she always looks hot. I’ve secretly had a crush on her for years now, but before my growth spurt in 10th grade I