Bossing the Cowboy (Circle B Ranch #4) - Kennedy Fox Page 0,2

to have your gear ready,” I explain as I lead her to one of the patient rooms. “Extra clothes and boots. Bring your lunch, whatever. Once I’m at a house call, there’s no telling how long it could take.”

“Understood.” She stands next to me.

“There are three exam rooms, and they’re to remain stocked at all times. Tuesdays and Thursdays are typically booked solid with smaller animal appointments, so I hope you’re capable of being on your feet for long periods of time.”

“I grew up on a ranch, remember? This is child’s play,” she taunts, and when I turn to face her, she’s smiling wide. “Both my parents are doctors. I’m aware of what they go through and the expectations of their careers.”

I give her a pointed look, trying to study her. “Is that why you wanted to become a vet?”

“Kinda but I’ve always loved animals and having a career where I can help them sounded like a dream come true. Plus, it means the family can have a vet on hand on the ranch.”

Great, so I’m training her to eventually replace me.

“It’s definitely not for the weak-minded.”

“Or weak of heart.” She grins.

We walk back to my office, and my heart races like it’ll burst out of my chest at her proximity. I can’t remember the last time a woman made me feel this way. There’s no reason for it either. Except that she’s gorgeous, smart, and witty. Damn sweet too.

But hell, there are plenty of other women like that around here.


“So when can I start?” she asks.

And confident.

“We’re still in the interview, Elizabeth.”

“Oh.” Her lips make the perfect O shape, and I hate the dirty thoughts that flood my mind. “What else do you want to know about me? Or tell me about you.” She gestures for me to speak up.

Not happening. I like to keep my life private.

“Monday. You can start Monday at seven thirty. Will that work?”

Elizabeth beams, and I adore the way her eyes widened with excitement. “That’s perfect! I’ll be here.”

After handing her a packet of papers to fill out, I watch her leave and inhale a deep breath. We need to keep our relationship strictly professional. It doesn’t matter how smart and gorgeous she is, nothing inappropriate can ever happen.

This could be one of the stupidest or best decisions I’ve ever made.

Only time will tell.

Chapter One



I've been restless all night and slept like total shit. It's as if my body knew I'd have a text from Connor as soon as I woke up. Days off don't really exist anymore. Not when I'm trying to juggle vet school and working at the clinic. The position was supposed to be a temporary internship, but luckily, Connor offered me a part-time job that fall. Now that classes have started again, I’m back to working on Monday and Friday, and on the weekends if there’s an emergency. I go to school all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then drive back to Eldorado every week. There’s no free time for myself, but it’ll be worth it when I’m officially Dr. Elizabeth Bishop.

I unlock my phone and read the message he sent nearly five minutes ago.

Connor: The Bruces have a heifer experiencing dystocia. They need help ASAP. I’m on another job. Let me know that you've received this text.

I immediately reply, rolling my eyes at how formal he is. Of course there’s no thank you at the end, only demands.

Elizabeth: I'll be there in a half hour.

Connor: The Bruces are very close friends, so make sure to treat them well and do a good job. They weren’t happy I couldn’t be there.

Elizabeth: No problem.

He sends me a thumbs-up emoji. I groan, then climb out of bed and get dressed.

After I slip on my boots and put my hair in a high ponytail, I text my younger cousins. Rowan and Maize might already be awake, but Kenzie worked at the bar last night, so she’s probably still asleep. The Circle B Saloon in downtown Eldorado is the only place in town for people to hang out, considering everything closes so early. My dad and Uncle John bought and remodeled it years ago. They’ve allowed my cousins and brother, Ethan, to bartend for extra cash.

Elizabeth: I gotta help birth a calf. The mama is having some complications. You two wanna come and help?

Maize: Where’s Dr. VetDreamy?

Elizabeth: On another job, which is why I gotta go solo.

Rowan: I just took a shower…

Maize: I’m hungover from last night.

I grab the bag with all