Bloody Wishes - Brea Alepou

Please read warning: There are some graphic scenes that contain lots of blood. And by a lot I mean a shit ton. If vampires feeding is too much for you to handle or the idea of a character ripping someone’s heart out, please refrain from reading this book. Oh and Timeus is a pain slut. If you’re good with all of that then please read on and enjoy Hyde’s sadistic behavior.

I know most of you will simp for Hyde and he’s all for it. All other languages used in this book have the translation under it.

Winter in Alvestia City was the coldest and darkest time of the year. It was also the time of the year Hyde made sure to keep a low profile. Not because he wanted to but because his survival depended on it. It was the most annoying shit ever, especially when Hyde forgot to go shopping for his next five months of seclusion.

A simple trip to the store should have been an easy in and out but no Hyde’s luck just had to be utter shit. Fucking bloodsuckers couldn’t handle that, not even for a second. Hyde had even tried to go during the three hours of sunlight they had and still found himself leaving out of the grocery store surrounded by vampires. The sun was nowhere in sight. Unsurprisingly, each day they lost more and more time with the sun, till pretty soon the sunlight would only last thirty minutes and it would barely be visible it would just paint the sky in pinks and oranges for a short amount of time before descending once more.

“You have got to be shitting me,” Hyde said.

The parking lot of the grocery store was scarce only a few cars filled every other spot. The group of vampires weren’t hiding there was no reason with hardly anyone out in the cold weather. Hyde met each vampire’s gaze head on showing them he wasn’t the least bit intimidated. There were at least eight of them that Hyde could see.

One vampire hissed at him. What was he, a fucking cat? Give a human some fangs and unnatural reflexes and they think they’re damn cats. Hyde took a step toward his old hoopty that had been with him since he was eighteen and was told to “embrace the world.” He still wanted to laugh at his father’s words. The world was a crapshoot, especially with the supernatural slowly coming out to the public. It just made shit worse.

“Don’t move, witch,” one vampire spat.

They were testing his resolve. Hyde promised his old man he’d stay safe out there, but there was only so much shit Hyde could handle. And since he’d gone four days without sugar, he was at the end of his rope, and irritation was one thing he had right then and there.

“I’m going to move because I’m going the fuck home so I can make brownies,” Hyde said as he took a step toward his car and then another. He relaxed his posture, making sure he was ready for any attack. He couldn’t move as fast as vampires, but he sure as hell could handle his own.

“Hydetticus Moonbead,” someone said.

Hyde internally groaned. Great, his entire name—it was like he was with his old man all over again. Hyde turned toward where he assumed the voice came from.

“Congratulations, vampires know how to use fucking Google. What the fuck do you want?” Hyde asked.

His patience was running thin. It was freezing outside, and there was only so much layered clothing could do. Hyde took in his surroundings once more, some of the vampires almost seemed weary of him. Odd with them not knowing what Hyde really was.

Unlike his unwelcome guest, he felt every icy breeze to his damn bones. Next destination was going to be a fucking tropical island, where the sun shone brightly. And the chances of running into a vampire were slim as hell. Even as he thought it, Hyde knew he wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Business was good, to the point he’d already paid off the entire building he lived and worked in.

One of the vampires went from being a few feet to a breath away from Hyde’s face.

“Watch yourself, you—”

He never got to finish as his words were cut off, and he dropped to his knees in front of Hyde. A zap to the stomach probably wasn’t what the vampire who’d stepped to Hyde had imagined. Hyde muffled his laughter at the pathetic sight before him. Tasers worked