Blood Seeker (Immortal Curse #7) - Lexi C. Foss

Treaty of 1747: An armistice between Hydraians and Ichorians to cease fire and live in their designated areas. Those who opt to cross these boundaries do so at their own risk.

A lot has happened over the last year of my existence. So I’m going to try to break it down for those of you who might need a refresher…

There’s an immortal war coming that’s probably going to destroy humanity as we know it. And somehow, I’m at the center of it all.

My grandfather, Osiris, is the Seraphim of Resurrection, which means he controls life and rebirth. He’s used this gift to his own benefit over the last several millennia, creating an army of Ichorians and Hydraians all meant to serve him.

Some of you may be asking, What the fuck are Seraphim, Ichorians, and Hydraians?

Ha. Yeah. I know how you feel. I had no idea what they were until recently. Seraphim are easy—they’re essentially angels. The others are harder. So I’ll try to explain it for you: in a nutshell, they’re immortal beings.

The longer explanation is Ichorians are like vampires, only they don’t have any of the weaknesses. They can even eat normal food. But they do require human blood to survive. They also have a power of some kind that was amplified to supernatural levels during their rebirth.

For example, Issac, my bonded mate, can control vision. His progeny, Tristan, can control sound, and his other progeny, Mateo, is a technical wizard.

Scientifically speaking, the ability comes from an affinity that already existed in their bloodline when they were human. During the resurrection process, that gene is triggered, and a supernatural talent is born.

Hydraians are a little different. They are created when an Ichorian male breeds with a mortal female. The child is actually human, which the Ichorians call a fledgling, and remains mortal until death. Once killed, they are then reborn as a Hydraian and possess not one but two gifts—one from each bloodline. They also don’t require human blood to survive.

You’re probably wondering about this immortal war I mentioned and how it pertains to all this scientific bullshit. I promise I’m getting there.

See, the Ichorians hate Hydraians.


Jealousy. Or that’s my take on it, anyway. Hydraians are not only immune to the imbibing-human-essence requirement, but they also have two gifts and their blood is actually toxic to Ichorians.

So yeah, they don’t get along.

They went to war a long time ago, only to reach an accord between the races when the Ichorians realized they couldn’t exterminate all the Hydraians. Everything was quiet for a few hundred years, but animosity brewed in the background.

The kicker? This was all Osiris’s plan. He’s the master creator. But he hasn’t spent all this time creating pawns to go to war with each other. No. He wants them to go to war as a unit against the Seraphim.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about the Seraphim yet. I mean, I just found out recently that I am one. My best friend, Lizzie, is pregnant with one, or that’s the speculation, anyway.

Because the CRF created Lizzie in a lab.

What’s the CRF? The Catastrophic Relief Foundation. They’re a humanitarian agency that isn’t so humanitarian. It used to be run by an Ichorian who wanted to dominate the world. Instead, we killed him, and the rest of his Sentinel division went down in flames with him. Well, a few survived—we have them in custody—but the sinister aspect of the organization is dead in the water.

Except they left a lasting imprint, one of those items being my very pregnant best friend. Her genetics indicate that she’s a Seraphim, which is how Jayson and Lizzie were able to procreate and also why everyone believes their child is going to be an angel.

According to Leela, a Seraphim of the fertility line, immortal genetics don’t work like they do for humans. I believe her because I sprouted wings just after my twenty-fifth birthday. My mother is a pure-blood Seraphim, and now, so am I.

Anyway, in summary, Osiris has created an army, and he intends to go to war with the Seraphim with all of us as his pawns on the battlefield. A lot of the immortals don’t know this yet; it’s something we’ve only recently begun to understand. Until I learn more about the Seraphim, I’m not doing shit.

The prophecy that says I’ll destroy the immortal race can go fuck itself.

I make my own decisions.

And I invite you to make your own choices, too.

Pick a side. Protect yourself. And for the love of