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Liz convey his instructions. He saw Sabrina nod her head and hang up her phone. then waited another fraction of a second before he saw what he was waiting for. He wasn’t disappointed; there was the sign, he chuckled. Sabrina hung up her phone and immediately ran a hand along her hair and smoothed her jacket. He’d seen it every time he’d had Liz call Sabrina to his office for various conferences. He suspected it was only when she was about to meet him that she primped slightly. He’d seen her answer her phone for others and rush off but she never cared about her appearance. In fact, once she entered the hotel each day, he never noticed her caring about her appearance in any way. Except when she was about to see him.

He liked that about her. He didn’t like the fact that other men turned to stare at her lovely face or spectacular figure as she made her way through the casino toward the management offices. Sid sighed deeply. He supposed he would have to get used to that feeling. If he was going to marry someone as stunning as Sabrina, he would have to allow that others felt the same way he did each time she came into view.

As long as they didn’t do anything about it, he could deal with it. But she was his, he thought to himself with deadly determination. And he protected what was his.

Moments later, Liz buzzed through to inform him that Sabrina was waiting for him. Sid pressed several buttons which turned off the monitors of the security cameras in his office. “Send her in,” he said and turned to watch his future wife walk through the double doors.

Sid could feel his body harden in anticipation and he enjoyed the gentle sway of her slim hips. Would he ever get used to her bright, trusting smile and sexy, graceful walk? He hoped not.

“Good morning, Mr. Matthews. I was going to brief you about the details for the car show later today,” she said and walked efficiently toward him.

“I thought I told you to call me Sid. Have a seat,” Sid said and waited until she was seated in one of the chairs in front of his desk before he sat down. “Tell me what’s going on,” he said. He already knew everything he needed to know about the car show. He’d gone over everything with her on several occasions and knew that she was in control of the situation. The car show would showcase one hundred and fifty cars from different periods in history. The cars would be parked in various places within the resort or casino, encouraging people to wander through the numerous areas of the resort and see the cars. There would be car races and various competitions, and of course betting on the races. The show would start in two days, the day after Christmas and he had every confidence that it would be yet another huge success.

This was usually a slow week for bookings until New Year’s Eve but because of her plan, they were completely booked and he expected guests from other hotels to flock to the car show as well.

Sabrina went through all the details of the show and rattled off the issues that might come up and how she was planning on taking care of each.

“It sounds great. I think you have everything under control,” he said and was rewarded by her flush of pleasure and another shy yet bright smile.

“Thank you, Mr. Matthews. I think it will be well worth all the trouble we’ve been having with the car owners,” she said.

“I think so as well,” Sid nodded, then moved on to the next subject. “What are your plans for tomorrow?” he asked. Tomorrow was Christmas Day and he knew she’d moved out here from the East Coast in order to take this job so he wondered if she had family she was spending the day with. Personally, he considered it just another day but he suspected that Sabrina might have more sentimentality attached to the date.

He watched as her eyes took on a glow of excitement, his suspicions confirmed. “Oh, I love Christmas,” Sabrina said enthusiastically. “My sister and I will spend the day together, opening presents and laughing about previous years. Then later, I’m having my neighbors over for dinner and it will be wonderful. Everyone brings something different, something to contribute so no one has the whole responsibility for the