A Billionaire Boyfriend For Christmas - Holly Rayner

Chapter 1


The offices of the Montoya Foundation sang with the sounds of people talking, laughing, and typing. Trying to ignore her racing heart, Adison Hale clutched her purse and smiled at everyone she passed by.

“And right here is your desk.” Ramona, the office manager, stopped in front of a cubicle.

It was plain, undecorated, with a chair, desktop computer, and phone—worlds away from the home offices Adison had decorated in her favorite pastel colors and filled with plants. No matter. Soon enough, she’d have her personal touch all over the place.

“Any questions?” Ramona asked.

Adison set down her purse and hung her coat on a hook. “I’m sure I’ll have them later.”

Ramona, a middle-aged woman with a bright demeanor, patted Adison on the shoulder. “I’ll be here to answer them. Welcome to the team.”

“Thanks. I’m excited to be here.”

“Get settled in. I’ll check on you later,” Ramona said, then navigated her way through the maze of cubicles, back to the front of the office.

The Montoya Foundation was a charity with about one hundred and fifty employees, some of them working remotely and others in satellite offices across the country. The main office space was open plan, with about a dozen spacious cubicles, some desks along the walls, and a few offices with glass partitions.

Even though her desk was in a cubicle, Adison had a great view out the windows. The sky over Buffalo, New York was thick with falling snowflakes, the street three stories below decorated with holiday wreaths and lights.

Taking a seat in her new chair, she powered up her computer and went through the company welcome packet that Ramona had emailed her. It was her first day as a charity administrator, and she was so nervous she’d barely slept the night before.

Up until this point, she’d been an event planner. A great job, but as a freelancer she’d always been hustling, looking for the next gig and self-promoting like her life depended on it. When a full-time position at the Montoya Foundation had come along, she’d jumped at the opportunity to not only receive a regular paycheck but enjoy some benefits as well.

“Hey, new girl,” a voice said.

Adison looked up from her computer screen and found a young woman with a bobbed haircut and big hoop earrings standing on the other side of the cubicle’s partition.

“Hi.” She stood and offered her hand. “Adison Hale.”

“Jazzie Monroe. Nice to meet you.” She shook Adison’s hand. “How’s it going so far?”

“Great! I’m so happy to be here.” Adison went to stick her hands in her pockets, a habit she took to when she was uncomfortable, but her palms slid along smooth cotton, and she remembered she’d dressed in a skirt suit. She wasn’t at home answering emails in her pajamas.

Jazzie must have noticed Adison fussing with her outfit. “I love that combo.” She nodded at the pink blazer paired with a baby blue skirt. “You’re pretty creative, huh?”

“Thank you! I’ve been told I am. I can’t wait to decorate my desk.”

It hit her then. It was a few days before Thanksgiving, and she hadn’t spotted any holiday decorations around the Montoya Foundation.

Well, that would have to change.

Adison loved the holidays. It had always been a special time for her and her parents. Since they were no longer with her, going all out during Christmas was one of the ways she liked to keep their memory alive.

Someone called Jazzie’s name, and she smiled at Adison before heading to visit another desk. Adison got back to work, flying through everything she had to do for the morning and feeling pretty good about herself.

With lunchtime creeping in, she’d run out of things to do. It was then that she remembered the Christmas decorations in her car. Truthfully, she hadn’t needed to pick up any more decorations, as she had more than enough stored in the closet at home. It was just that the dollar store had been having a sale yesterday and, never one to let a good sale go to waste, she’d scooped up a few things.

Being distracted and nervous about her new job, she’d left the plastic bags in her car’s trunk and forgotten about them.

With a glance around the office, she gauged the vibe. People had been coming in and out all morning. Surely, no one would mind if she ran out to her car for a minute.

Grabbing her keys and phone, she scurried for the elevators. While she was outside, she could call Danny and check in.

As soon as she exited the building’s