Between The Lines - T Gephart Page 0,1

watched Grayson from a safe distance. “What’s someone as sexy as you doing alone in a place like this?”

I tried not to laugh, wondering if his old man had given him pointers. Because surely that little gem didn’t work after 1985. Turning, I noticed that while his line might have been tired and old, he wasn’t. He was good-looking, late twenties to early thirties, and his suit was incredibly well-tailored. It fit him just right, showing off his attributes in the best possible light, which is why I assumed he was wearing it.

“I’m not alone.” I smiled, deciding I wasn’t interested in the distraction. The night wasn’t about me, and even though it had been a while since I’d had a hook-up of my own, I needed to stay focused. “Better luck next time.”

“So, where’s your date?” Suit man didn’t take the hint, glancing around us and probably expecting some angry possessive meathead to make an appearance.

“Why? Am I a piece of luggage that can’t be left unattended?” I asked, slightly irritated. “Or are you angling for a threesome and want to see if he’s up to par?”

Suit man’s eyes blinked wide in surprise, probably not expecting the last part. And I’ll admit, it was added purely for shock value. Because if I had to tolerate a stupid question then I might as well entertain myself.

His silence spoke volumes, his mouth opening and closing with no real comeback. It was clear that looks were all he had going for him, which was a shame because I might have welcomed a little intellectual sparring. Foreplay was mental for me as much as it was physical.

“Nothing?” I shrugged, already bored. “Better stay in the shallow end of the pool then, have a good night.” I grinned, leaving him with what I thought was some helpful advice as I went looking for Grayson.

It wasn’t ideal that I’d lost my line of sight, praying he hadn’t gotten himself into too much trouble, or was looking for a bailout while I’d been occupied.

“Ricci!” I heard my name, a female voice calling me from the direction of the bar. My head swiveled, torn between continuing to look for my partner or acknowledging whoever wanted my attention. My eyes flicked back to where Grayson had disappeared, squinting as I tried to find him in the sea of people.


My name again, the choice made for me as I felt a tug on my arm. “Hey, I thought it was you. I can’t believe the law is in my house and didn’t say hello.” Her eyes floated over my dress before returning to my face. “Oh, so I guess you’re here on pleasure rather than business.”

Her smirk was predictable, the fiery redhead not known for being subtle. I grinned, lifting a shoulder in a shrug. “I’m trying to blend in, Raelle. Advertising I’m a cop is probably bad for business.”

“Please,” she scoffed, waving her hands. “You think Marcus would let anything illegal go down in here? You guys wouldn’t even be able to cite someone for littering in this place. But it’s good to see you enjoying the spoils of our fine city. Let me know if you want me to set you up. There is a day trader, that is hotter than should be legal, sitting at the bar primed for a good time. And trust me, in that dress,” her finger swirled in my direction, “there isn’t a man in this place going to assume you’re a cop.”

Well, if anyone knew what the men in the club were thinking, it would be Raelle. As the sultry bar manager for the hottest new club, she was living up to both of those reputations. She was beautiful with an unapologetic sexy vibe, unashamed to flaunt what she had while working the bar like she’d been born to do it. Guess that was how she’d noticed me in a crowd of sweaty, gyrating bodies, her eagle eyes spotting that I wasn’t looking to score like everyone else.

“I’m just here to help Miller get over his cheating ex, not really interested for myself.”

It wasn’t a lie either, my expectations of finding anyone remotely engaging were at an all-time low. Not because the men in the club weren’t attractive, that wasn’t the problem. But because I was tired of dealing with guys who were intimidated by the badge or my attitude. Even in a city as big as New York, it was hard to find someone who was secure enough in his