In Bed With The Boss Page 0,2

Christian’s pants, they fell to the floor. Christian stepped out of them, and Stavros slid to the edge of the bed, his legs coming to his chest in front of Christian, who set the plunger on the bed and rolled on a lubed condom.

David’s hips began to thrust on their own as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. David heard the shudders click almost silently as Christian sank into Stavros. He heard the model groan as he was stretched on Christian’s thick cock. “Yes,” Stavros cried, and David wanted to move closer but didn’t dare in case he cast a shadow. Moving slowly and silently in sock feet, David shifted until he could see Stavros’ face in the throes of blissful passion. This was the expression Christian was famous for—total passionate abandon.

Soft murmurs reached David’s ears, but he could make out nothing of what was actually being said. That wasn’t needed. Both men were lost in their own world, and the only sound David could make out for certain was the soft click of the cameras and the occasional groan from Stavros as Christian fucked him with abandon. “Come for me, sweetheart,” Christian said, his voice deep and rough.

Stavros moaned and began to keen softly as their passion built. David could feel his own rising as he watched Christian’s tight, round ass pulsate as he and Stavros moved together. David found his attention centering on Christian’s butt, wishing he was on the receiving side of all that sensual energy. His own hole throbbed and pulsed as he clenched, his hips moving back and forth in time to Christian’s. David saw Stavros’s mouth fall open as he cried out, and David knew he was coming. He didn’t have to see him painting his chest with white streaks. He could see it by the expression on his face. Christian was coming as well, even as the camera shutters continued. David’s legs began to shake as his balls pulled up to his body, and he brought his hand to his mouth as he, too, came hard, his eyes slamming shut as his orgasm barreled through him like a freight train.

Tingles floated through his body, and David knew he had to remain upright. Opening his mouth, he breathed as evenly and levelly as he could, wishing there was something he could hold on to keep himself standing. Gradually, the feeling passed, and David became aware of himself enough to turn away from the others. Silently, he removed the tissues he’d used to line his briefs, throwing them away.

He’d learned the hard way that he had to do something, because this tended to happen during these sessions.

Flipping out the photographic lights, he threw the room into near darkness, knowing that both Christian and Stavros would need some time. David waited until he heard movement before turning on one of the soft lights on the far side of the studio, then he opened the door and left the work area, sitting on the sofa in Christian’s apartment, and waited.

David knew he should be ashamed of himself. He was there to do a job, and though he’d tried to be dispassionate, it never worked. It wasn’t the models that got him worked up. They were strangers, and he really didn’t feel anything for them no matter how beautiful they were. It was Christian who drove him out of his mind. David knew he shouldn’t allow himself to feel anything at all for his boss, but he did. Christian was demanding and impatient, but that was when he was working. At other times, he was warm and as open as anyone David had ever met. That was the Christian he liked, the one that made his heart race, and the one he kept seeing during every photo shoot.

He knew he shouldn’t feel this way—he had no right to. Checking his watch, he sighed and stood up, quietly opening the door to the studio. David stepped inside and closed it behind him, quietly walking the perimeter of the room to where Christian kept a small desk. He sat down and began calling up the pictures from the shoot, getting them all together because Christian would want to see them right away, and they needed to be cataloged and organized.

Looking up from the monitor, he saw Christian sitting on the side of the bed, fully clothed, lightly stroking Stavros’s skin. They were talking very softly, and David saw Christian lean forward, kissing the model very lightly before