In Bed With The Boss Page 0,1

stomach and then onto his back, taking dozens of photographs. “I need you on your stomach again after your slip off the briefs.” Stavros complied, and Christian began taking more photographs. “That’s lovely, you look superb,” Christian crooned in his deep voice as he moved to the foot of the bed. “Lift your head to look at me.” The shutter sounded softly. “Now lift your hips,” Christian said, and Stavros complied. “Perfect,” Christian told him. “Look at me like you want me, yes, like you want to get fucked more than anything in the world.” The model’s expression shifted, and David could see exactly that. Without words, he could see that was exactly what Stavros wanted. He looked wanton, glistening with sweat from being under the hot lights. “That’s it. All you want right now is a big, thick cock sliding right into your body,” Christian said in his resonant voice, and Stavros shuddered. “Is that what you want?”

“Fuck, yes,” Stavros muttered as Christian took picture after picture from all angles. “I want you to fuck me right now,” Stavros muttered, and David shifted back slightly where he couldn’t be seen and adjusted himself before trying to clear his mind and remember that this was a photo shoot.

“Not yet, pretty one,” Christian said and continued taking photographs. “Roll onto your side.” Stavros did as Christian asked, his cock hard and bobbing as he moved.

“That’s lovely, arms over your head and stretch your body for me. Make yourself look as long and tall as you can. Reach for the headboard.” The camera never stopped. “Perfection.” Christian took picture after picture, and David stood mesmerized by what Christian got his models to do and how he made them look.

David watched as Stavros writhed on the bed, Christian’s sultry voice telling him what he wanted, and Stavros moving exactly that way. “Lie on your back,” Christian told his model as though they were making love, and Stavros did, running his hands over his skin as Christian continued shooting. David had seen this many times before. Stavros was in a world of his own, where it was only him and Christian. Stavros reached out for Christian, and he continued shooting as Stavros descended into passion. Before coming to work for Christian, David had never dreamed that something like this was possible, but Christian lured all his subjects in with just the sound of his voice, and for the last three months David had gone along for each and every ride.

“Stroke your chest for me,” Christian told Stavros, and the young man ran his hands over his skin, fingers plucking and pinching his own nipples. David knew Stavros was imagining that his hands were Christian’s because David did the same thing night after night. “Yes, that’s beautiful.” “I want you,” Stavros moaned softly as he stared at Christian, his eyes burning, and Christian continued shooting. This was the effect he was after: the hot, smoldering look of passion barely contained. He was famous for it. Before David had come to work for Christian, he’d always wondered how Christian’s pictures captured such intensity, and now he knew. Christian made each model fall in love with him, if only for a few hours. “I want you so bad my skin burns,” Stavros said with a need that rumbled in his chest. David shifted almost continuously as he watched the session, trying to keep his attention where it belonged, on the technical aspects of the shoot, but all he could do was watch Christian as he prowled around the bed like a large cat, snapping picture after picture of the vision that curled and writhed on the sheets.

Christian stepped away from the bed, but Stavros’ and Christian’s eyes never left each other. David had learned very early on that this was part of Christian’s magic. When he was with a model, his eyes never left the subject and his focus never wavered. David knew that Christian’s attention could be powerful, and he was seeing that demonstrated right in front of his eyes as Christian set his hand held camera aside and picked up the mobile activator. “Is this what you really want?” Christian asked as he moved closer once again.

“Yes,” Stavros hissed softly. “Fuck me.”

Christian stepped closer still, pressing the plunger as Stavros reached out to him, his lips begging. Nine cameras all around the bed went off at the same time, capturing Stavros’ expression from every angle. Christian stepped closer, and when Stavros opened the fastener on