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laughed. The craziness of his current situation struck him. He didn’t understand how he always seemed to end up in the most fucked-up situations. “I didn’t realize I hadn’t told you a date or anything. Yet you still accepted.”

“I told you all you had to do was ask properly and I would’ve said yes for free. Whatever you need. It’s nothing for me to rearrange my schedule for you.”

Brett heard the smile in Roman’s voice. He found himself forgetting he spoke to a serial seducer. Roman was an exotic dancer by trade. Everything he did, he did to tantalize. His long blond hair and hard body. His practiced smile and seductive glances. Everything about Roman was a show. Brett always tried to stay immune. He simply wasn’t sure anyone was truly insusceptible. Still, Brett didn’t have to let Roman know he tempted Brett. “The wedding is Saturday, August eighth. I thought maybe I could fly you in Friday night and back home on Monday. That way, you can enjoy your trip and not spend the entire weekend traveling or attending the wedding of people you barely know.”

Roman turned serious. “That’s fine. I can’t wait to see you. How are you holding up with this whole wedding thing?”

It was funny. Even though they hadn’t been technically dating, lots of people had known Brett had been sleeping with Wrecker for a long time. Yet not one mutual friend had asked how Brett felt. The one person Brett expected to care the least—the one who didn’t even know about Brett’s time with Wrecker—was the one asking about his feelings. “I’m fine. They’re in love and all that mess. We should all be happy, right?”

“It’s a bit sickening, isn’t it? The way everyone’s getting married all of a sudden. I mean, I never thought Mason would take that plunge. Yet, here we are. He’s married and barely speaks to me any longer. But—like I said—I can’t wait to see you. That makes a wedding worthwhile. Not to mention, I bet you look sexy as hell all decked out in your finest.”

Brett felt the same way about Roman. No doubt, every eye would be turned his way. The jealousy in the room would be thick. The thing was, Brett would know he paid Roman to be there. The pride he felt with Roman at his side would be tainted by that knowledge. Everyone would be looking at Brett, thinking he had landed this sexy-as-hell man, but Brett would know the truth. “I would very much like for you to go as my date. Properly, that is. If you have time for me?” Brett held his breath. He had no idea what drove him to do such a horrifying thing. This had not been his intention in any way, shape, or form when he called Roman. Roman would eat him for breakfast.

“I would be honored.” If Roman had sounded smug at all, Brett might have taken back the question. Instead, Roman truly sounded every bit as honored as he claimed.

Roman’s tone had Brett scrambling in other ways. “I’ll still pay for your flight and you can still stay with me and all that.”

“Don’t worry. I can afford a plane ticket. You’re worth it to me.”

For a moment, Brett couldn’t find his voice. He recognized that Roman was full of shit and this desire to spend time with Brett was an act. Still, Roman made it very easy to suspend reality and believe. Brett imagined Roman made a lot of money at his job. He charmed people with such ease. “Text me your flight info and I’ll pick you from the airport.”

“I accept your sacrifice. No one likes going to LAX.”

A smile snapped to Brett’s lips. Roman was a breath of fresh air. Most people didn’t admit to hating it when their friends got married and picking people up from the airport. Roman said those things with no fear. “I’ll look for your text.”

“I’ll look for your fine ass in the airport,” Roman retorted.

Brett shook his head and ended their call without saying goodbye. He bit his bottom lip, trying to stop smiling. He was such an idiot. There had always been something irresistible about Roman, but seriously, Brett had really gone off the deep end this time. The phone vibrated in his hand. Brett dropped his gaze.

Roman: I’ll overlook the fact that you hung up on me and simply say it was good to hear your voice.

With a chuckle, Brett covered his eyes. He could not