Beautifully Stolen - Charity Parkerson


The cream-colored envelope came special delivery. Brett stared at the expensive stationery for much longer than necessary. He knew what was inside. With nothing else for it, Brett opened the card. Even knowing what was inside didn’t lessen the impact while reading the words.

As part of their chosen family

Izaak ‘Wrecker’ Lewis


Johnny Wayne Savage

Request the honor of your presence as they tie the knot Saturday the eighth day of August at two o’clock in the afternoon

The Back Porch

Main Park

Los Angeles, California

Brett read the invitation three times. He felt... something. Brett just wasn’t sure what. On the down low, Brett had been dating Wrecker before Wrecker fell in love with Johnny. Actually, “dating” might be too strong of a word. They had been sleeping together. While they had been more than fuck buddies, they had been less than a couple. Brett didn’t know if what they had been had a label exactly, but he had cared about Wrecker. Johnny was Brett’s client. Brett considered him a friend. This wedding put Brett in an awkward position, to say the least.

Xavier strolled into the room. His hard, tan body almost distracted Brett from his depression. Beautiful men were his biggest weakness and he loved to watch.

Brett forced a smile to his lips. “Hello, sexy. Would you like to attend a wedding with me?”

Xavier’s gray eyes had a cool edge to them, showing his true nature. “No. I can’t think of anything I would like to do less than attend a wedding. With anyone. It’s nothing personal.”

Brett got it. He didn’t like weddings either, but he didn’t feel like this one was one he could skip. There was one person he could call. Everything inside Brett cringed at the idea, but he knew one guy who would look ridiculously sexy next to him. One of Brett’s first clients, Falcon, had gotten married almost a year ago. Falcon’s husband Mason had a best friend who would do just about anything for the right price. Since Roman was otherworldly beautiful, people often threw money and gifts his way, hoping for a second of Roman’s time. Brett had lots of money. He could afford to keep things impersonal while not looking pitiful at Wrecker’s wedding. No doubt everyone who frequented The Back Porch would be there. Brett couldn’t go while looking forlorn. Everyone there would be watching his every move, looking for any cracks to whisper about behind their hands.

Before Brett could change his mind, he quickly found Roman’s number and dialed. When Roman hadn’t answered by the fourth ring, Brett almost hung up. Then Roman’s sexy voice caressed Brett’s ear. “Hello?”

Brett had to take a steadying breath. He could already picture Roman’s perfect body and long blond hair. “This is Brett. I have a proposition for you.”

“Mhmm.” The sexy hum had Brett’s eyes falling closed. “Have you come around and seen the error of your ways? Have you finally decided to share my bed?”

A snort escaped Brett. He didn’t want to enjoy Roman’s constant flirting and ridiculousness, but Roman was irresistible. “Not that type of proposition.” Xavier chuckled as he passed. Brett ignored him, as much as anyone could ignore Xavier’s naked perfection. “How would you like another free trip to California? I need a date to Wrecker and Johnny’s wedding.”

“Interesting. Are you asking me on a date or bribing me?”

“I’m trying to hire your services.” Brett was determined to keep this professional.

A sexy and evil-sounding chuckle caressed Brett’s ear. “I’ll hear your offer.”

Brett gave a sharp nod, even though Roman couldn’t see him. He felt certain they could come to terms. “Five grand and you can choose your hotel for the weekend.”

“Three and I’ll stay with you.”

“Are you negotiating down with me?” Even Brett heard the confusion in his voice. He couldn’t understand why Roman would ask for less money and give up his chance to stay at any of the world’s most gorgeous locations.

Roman sighed. “I’d do it for free, if you asked properly, but since you didn’t...”

A growl rose in Brett’s throat. He refused to let it fly and give Roman the satisfaction of knowing he burrowed under Brett’s skin. “This isn’t a date. It’s a job. Will you take it? Yes or no?”

“Six hundred dollars. I stay with you and I get to kiss you three times at any time of my choosing.”

Brett’s eyes fell closed. Roman was impossible. “Oh, for fuck’s sake. Fine.”

Roman hummed again—like satisfied. “Now, tell me everything. How would you like me to dress? When is this happening?”

Without thought, Brett