Argeneau 11, The Immortal Hunter (Rogue Hunter 2) Page 0,2

to his side. Engrossed in each other, neither paid attention when Lucian moved to stand in front of Grant and glared grimly down at the dark-haired immortal.

"I understand you've been having trouble getting your blood supply and have been forced to feed off of mortals?" he asked.

Grant nodded, fear plain on his face. When Lucian simply stared at the man, his gaze fixed, Decker was positive he was reading the immortal's thoughts. Apparently he was satisfied by what he found there, because he nodded and said, "Someone is already looking into the situation with the employee who was holding up your orders. I've also arranged for a generator to be delivered and installed so that your blood supply isn't ruined every time the power goes out up here. That should keep you from having to feed off the locals in future. But," he added sharply, "if you have any further problems, you're to call Mortimer at once. I won't forgive another incident like this."

Grant cringed back into the cold leather cushion at the warning. "It wasn't my fault. I—"

"You forget I can read your mind," Lucian interrupted grimly. "Pride is the reason you didn't contact someone about the problems you were having getting blood. That and the fact that you really prefer your meals warm, and the situation gave you the perfect excuse to feed off the hoof. If you really want to feed that way, you'd best move to Europe. It isn't allowed here. The next time a situation like this comes up involving you, you'll find yourself staked and baked. Got it?"

"Y-yes sir," Grant stammered.

Apparently satisfied that he'd made his point, Lucian glanced to Mortimer and then to Decker as he commented, "Fortunately, there doesn't appear to be any cleanup to do here. Grant, at least, had the good sense to take his meals in a wide area, feeding as far north as Parry Sound and all the way down to Minden. It means he's managed to avoid raising suspicion among the mortals, so you boys can gather your stuff and head—"

"Excuse me," Grant said timidly from the couch.

Lucian frowned and turned on the man. "What?"

The immortal shrank under his glare and then stammered nervously, "I never fed in P-Parry Sound… or M-Minden."

Lucian stared at him for a moment. "We had reports from other immortals who had spotted bite marks in Parry Sound, Burk's Falls, Nobel, Huntsville, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Minden, and Haliburton."

Grant shook his head. "I never went further south than Bracebridge. Gravenhurst, Minden, and Haliburton weren't me. Neither is Parry Sound to the north." He licked his lips and then suggested, "Perhaps I am not the only one who has been having trouble getting supplies."

Another moment of silence passed as Lucian apparently read Grant again. Lucian cursed and turned to Decker, saying, "It seems your work here isn't done. You'll have to split up and check both the north and the south, but first contact Bastien to see who else gets supplies from the Argeneau Blood Bank and might be having similar problems to Grant. We'll check with them first."

Decker raised an eyebrow at the mention of his cousin, Bastien Argeneau, the head of Argeneau Enterprises. His gaze slid toward the window, where sunlight was visible on the horizon. "The sun's rising, Bastien will have left the office and gone home by now."

Lucian grimaced. "Yes, and since meeting his life mate he's started shutting off the ringer on the phone while they're sleeping unless there's an emergency call he's waiting for." He thought for a minute and then glanced to Grant. "Do you know any of the other immortals up here?"

"Not many. I tend to keep to myself," Grant said apologetically.

"Well, you can stop that," Lucian growled. "An immortal without family and friends is more likely to go rogue."

"I have friends," Grant said quickly, and then added reluctantly, "Well… one. He lives just north of Minden and I visit him every couple of weeks." Apparently afraid Lucian wouldn't believe him, he added, "You can ask Nicholas. He'll vouch for me."

"Nicholas?" Lucian asked sharply as Decker stiffened at the name. "Nicholas who?"

"Nicholas Argeneau," Grant said, sounding bewildered that he would even need to ask. "I saw him on my way out there the last time I went. I told him I was headed to a friend's. He'll remember. He can tell you."

Lucian had gone stock-still and Mortimer muttered a curse. Decker himself felt as if the blood in his veins had turned to mud and stopped moving. Everything