30 Days (Lost Love Trilogy #1) - Belle Brooks


In a Haze

“Abi, what are you doing on my front lawn? It’s two a.m. and bloody cold out.” Her voice is close.

One of my eyes strains open. What looks like red hair tickles my nose.

“Huh?” I slur. Where the hell I am?

“Are you drunk? Oh crap, you’re drunk off your head, aren’t you? I can smell it. Don’t even deny you’re not.” A set of pale blue eyes, filled with worry, look down at me.

“You could say that.” I giggle.

“So you’re still taking this well, I see?”

“Huh?” I slur again.

“Get off your arse and get inside.”

“I’m a big girl. Now, unhand me, lady,” I spit as Sammy drags my body across wet grass.

“Fuck, Abi, you said you were okay now.”

“I’m fine.”


The door slams hard. The carpet is soft under my cheek. Feet stomp past my head but soon return. A blurry hand shoves a glass of clear liquid in my face. “Drink this. We need to sober you up.”

“I don’t wanna.” I stroke my fingers through the carpeting, trying to fight the urge to vomit.

“Well, you need to. What were you doing out there?”

“Sleeping. Remembering better times,” I mumble.

“Great. Just great, Abi. What am I going to do with you?”

“Kind stranger, if you could take me home …” My eyes flutter before closing.


“What are your plans for today?” His tone was clipped.

I stood on tiptoes and placed a soft kiss upon his cheek. “Not much, honey. Have a great day golfing with the boys.” I couldn’t keep the sarcasm from my tone.

“I’ll probably get my butt handed to me. Abi, tell me, why do I have to rub shoulders with the big boys, exactly?” Stress lines marred his face.

“Because it’s how you’ll land your dream job. Now get going before you’re late.” I slapped his fine arse as he walked away.

“Ouch!” he yelped.

“You were happy enough to do that to me last night, weren’t you?”

His eyebrows rose. His big brown eyes gleamed. He finally smiled. A soft kiss took my lips. There was no passion, no desire. I ignored the lack of love this kiss held. Then he was gone.

Dashing to the car, I stumbled. My dress lifted, exposing my barely contained buttocks. My knee grazed against the cement. There was little blood, but it stung something fierce.

“I’m going to be late,” I muttered as I hobbled to the car.

Before long, I was driving my VW down the A1 with haste. Sammy, my beautiful best friend, had called shotgun on pick-up, which made her in charge of music as we travelled into Brisbane from the coast. Ange and Sophie chattered away happily in the back seat.

I glanced at the thick bushland skirting the smooth highway. I enjoyed the drive into the city. The smell of pine wafting on the breeze brought back happy memories of my childhood.

“So did you tell him you were going wedding dress shopping today?” Sophie asked, a grin lifting the corners of her mouth.

A nervous laugh escaped me. “No, it didn’t come up.”

“Do you have a particular style in mind?” Ange leaned into the back of my seat as she spoke.

“No, not really. Something elegant and sophisticated. I mean, if I’m going to be the wife of a possible future mayor, I want to be classy.”

They cooed.

“Don’t roll those big greens at us,” Sammy scolded. She slapped my thigh, hard. “It might work on lover boy, but on us, it’s wasted.”

I grinned.

“He will be mayor. How long do you think it’ll be until he gets the job?” Ange asked, giving her vote of confidence.

I took a moment to think about her statement. “Soon. Well, I hope soon. It is his dream. We just need to believe it won’t be far away. We have to believe in him …”

“We all do, because you’re going to be his wife!” Sammy took it upon herself to fiddle with the LED panel of the car’s audio system. “And I’m going to be your maid of honour, which means I’m in charge of everything … I have the perfect song for this trip.”

Paramore bursts from the speakers. “’Still Into You’. Good choice,” I said, relaxing into the leather seat, thinking about our destination—City Bridal. A prestigious boutique in the heart of Brisbane where chandeliers hung from high ceilings and every accessory or dream could be met. The entire place radiated glitz and glamour.

Twenty minutes later, we walked from the carpark to the front door as a group. We entered in the same fashion. Champagne flutes filled with bubbles awaited our arrival, standing