100% That Witch - Celia Kyle


Forget her uncontrollable magic... She's dealing with uncontrollable lust. Eh, control is overrated anyway.

Anyone judging Tiffany Ufora by her cover would undoubtedly think the goth witch was a necromancer--and that's fine by her. There isn't a shade of black that's dark enough for her taste. But much to her dismay, Tiffany's particular brand of magic has a habit of spitting out oodles of the most adorable fluffy, pastel-colored critters at the most inopportune times.

Mortified by her joyful magic, Tiffany does her best to control the uncontrollable. Which only makes things worse. And it doesn't help when her dad hears about her poor grades at Othercross University and cuts her off financially--forcing her to get a job, of all things.

Her salvation comes in the form of a burly, bearded, lumberjack of a vampire, who also just happens to be a new professor at OCU. When he offers to tutor her--for free, no less, which is about all Tiffany can afford--she jumps at the chance. It doesn't hurt that Nero is sweet, gentle, and not at all what one would expect from a vampire. He's also dangerously sexy.

And completely unavailable. Not that she's interested or anything.

Because Tiffany has her sights set on someone else anyway, though the question of whether the other guy wants her is still up in the air--along with the dozen or so lovebirds flitting around her head. You know, the ones that appear when Nero smiles at her. Argh!


“You’re not supposed to organize your own going-away party, you know.”

Tiffany Ufora’s roommate, Aurora, looked up to meet her eyes, just a hint of surprise flickering behind them. “Why’s that?”

Her question caught Tiffany off guard and she shifted slightly. “I don’t know. Isn’t it bad luck or something?”

“I’ve never heard that.” Aurora went back to carefully laying silverware out in precise patterns, a skill that eluded Tiffany—not that it was a skill she cared to acquire. “Besides, if I left it up to you and Kelly, we both know what would happen.”

“An all-out rager,” Tiffany volleyed back with a slight smirk.

“Exactly. This way we get something a bit more civilized. Or at least, an event where Dane and I can actually talk to our friends without having to shout over the kickin’ dance beat, not to mention step over the drunks passed out in the hallway.”

“I guess.”

In full truth, Tiffany wouldn’t have minded one of Hollow House’s patented bacchanals. She’d never partied so hard before moving in with fellow witches Kelly Holloway and Aurora Rhonelle, and the freedom it afforded her had become pretty intoxicating. Beyond all the booze, it was a chance for total abandon, but she could leave whatever trail of puppies she wanted in her wake and no one paid any attention.

Still, it was a farewell for the happy couple, and she supposed it was up to them to set the tone they wanted. Not that Dane and Aurora were sailing off into the sunset for good. They just needed to go to Ft. Lauderdale long enough for the native Floridian to settle all his affairs there before moving to Othercross permanently.

Between the two new lovebirds and the nocturnal activities that still preoccupied Kelly and her man, Ronun, Tiffany was starting to feel like the odd girl out. Listening to their passionate cries rattling through the house every night, she wondered if their permanent vampire tenant, Nathan D’Orlock, sat in the basement feeling as lovelorn as her. After his latest dust-up with his now-ex-boyfriend, she wouldn’t be surprised.

No thumping dance party meant Tiffany would be afforded virtually no chance to rub her body up against Rhys’s, which was a bummer. At least Aurora had invited all of her necromancer brothers, so that much was a win.

“Hey, can I see the seating chart again?”

Aurora looked at her as if she knew exactly what Tiffany was up to, but she just smiled brightly. Playing innocent was one of her best talents. Despite her goth exterior, her sweet, elfin features allowed her to get away with it a lot.

“Sure,” Aurora opened her binder and began leafing through it.

Of course, she has a binder dedicated to the dinner party, Tiffany thought. I wonder if she schedules her nightly escapades with her wolf-man in there. A small giggle escaped her, and Aurora looked up with a raised brow.

“Everything all right?”

“Mmhmm,” Tiffany hummed, chewing on her lips to keep from grinning and hoping mind-reading wasn’t one of her roommate’s many skills. “Just excited for the dinner party.”

“Tell you what,” Aurora said, pulling a small