The Weight

"Andrew Vachss can always be depended on to deliver powerful fiction, and his new novel, The Weight, is no exception."
-Chet Williamson

"[Andrew Vachss'] new book, The Weight, may be his finest hour to date. [It] works on the surface as a stunning mystery. Compulsively readable."
-Ken Bruen

"Andrews Vachss at his best" --_Los Angeles Times_,0,7958452.story

“The hardest-boiled crime fiction this side of Sing Sing.”
—_USA Today_

“Many writers try to cover the same ground as Vachss. A handful are as good. None are better.”

“Vachss is red hot and as serious as a punctured lung.”

“[Vachss writes] some of the cleanest, meanest, stripped-down-and-sparkling prose ever penned.”
—_The Austin Chronicle_

“Vachss’s writing is like a dark roller-coaster ride of fear, love, and hate.”
—New Orleans Times-Picayune

“There’s no way to put a [Vachss book] down once you’ve begun.”
—_Detroit Free Press_

“Andrew Vachss is a contemporary master.”
—_The Atlanta Journal-Constitution_