Warlock's Angel - Marly Mathews

Warlock’s Angel

Marly Mathews

Dallas is a witch gifted with the power of time manipulation, though childhood trauma has caused a mental block. Constantly fearing the witch hunters are tracking Dallas, her cousin Anya tells Dallas she is sending a gift.

The witch hunters come calling and Dallas is about to admit defeat when Anya’s gift—Oliver—arrives, saving her. He dispatches the hunters with ease but comes face-to-face with the beguiling Dallas and instinctively knows his biggest fight is yet to come. She immediately captures his heart and he must help her unlock her past.

Dallas, instantly mesmerized by Oliver, allows passion to take center stage. The witch and warlock relish every wicked moment they can steal away from Dallas’s meddling family. With the depth of Oliver’s love, Dallas begins tapping into her powers, realizing they are both a blessing and a curse, unsure if they will harm or heal.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Marly Mathews

Chapter One

Earth, 2367

Gerrans, Nova Scotia

“We must protect the innocent and uphold the principles that our family has held dear for hundreds of years. Our gift is sometimes our curse, dear daughter, but in the end we are the only ones who can keep the fools of the Universe from tempting fate, for no man or woman should wield the ultimate power—that of manipulating time for their own selfish gain.”

Dallas Hyde-Redgrave sighed as her mother’s sage advice echoed through her head. She looked out her family-room window at the dark starry sky. The full moon was thinly veiled by clouds and she wondered what it would be like to venture beyond Earth.

Her cousin and best friend, Anya, traveled among the stars with great frequency and because of that Dallas had always longed to. She also knew that a dangerous world existed for her kind once they left the safe embrace of their peaceful home planet.

For that reason alone her mother had forbidden her to leave Earth, telling her that her special abilities as a witch would only make her a prime target for those who would covet her powers for their own evil means.

Dallas was the one constant in her family’s adventurous life. The last time Anya had returned to Earth she’d told Dallas she loved always knowing where and how to find her. She’d meant it as a compliment, Dallas knew that, but sometimes it smarted, realizing that she was the predictable one in the family, especially when the Redgraves had been traveling the stars with great abandon ever since space travel had been possible.

Her mother had died when Dallas was thirteen years old. Her death had been brought on by a particularly traumatic vision. From that day forward, Dallas had been scared out of her wits of ever seeing something that could affect her health that severely and she’d come to loathe their so-called gift, viewing it more as a curse than a blessing. Shortly after her mother’s untimely death, her father and brother had left Earth to travel among the stars, having thrilling escapades Dallas could only dream of. They rarely returned home to visit her and when they did she was once again reminded of how heavy a burden she and her mother carried. They were the first Hyde witches in one hundred years to be blessed with the power of being able to see into the past, present and future, as well as being gifted with the power of time manipulation. If only she could still share her troubles with her mother. She was the other person in the world who could possibly empathize with Dallas.

After Dallas’s mother’s death, Anya’s mother had moved from the village of Hale, located near one of Nova Scotia’s major space ship ports just outside Halifax, relocating to the small town of Gerrans with Dallas’s Uncle Alexander and Anya so they could be closer to Dallas. They had settled in at Redgrave House and her uncle had taken over the reins from his older brother in handling the matters pertaining to their family house and their business interests on Earth.

Her Aunt Angelica had taken to mothering her and helping her deal with her problematic gift. As a powerful witch, Angelica had always instinctively known how troubled Dallas would be with her unique abilities and whenever she’d felt at her lowest point, Aunt Angelica had been there, encouraging her to stay the course and remain where she could be protected. Even when her Uncle