This Is War, Baby - K Webster

Three days before…


His slurp echoes in my bedroom and I tense up. Our eyes meet for a brief second before his tongue starts to lap at me again. My friend Audrey says when a guy eats you out, it’s the most amazing thing on the planet. Yet as Brandon flicks his tongue everywhere except the part of me that seems on fire with need, I can’t help but wonder if she was lying. She’s always been one to embellish the truth. And right now, as my body tenses with the urge to explode, I never quite reach the climax I’m after. Audrey most certainly fibbed about this little detail.

Brandon grunts and his gentle thumbs stroke the insides of my thighs as he tastes me. The maneuver itself is sweet and one I have come to expect from my boyfriend of a year and a half. However, just once, I’d like for him to dig his fingers into my legs. To suck my clit that he seems to be dancing around. To force his way into me and break the barrier I’d gladly give to him if he’d take rather than ask.

I chew on my lip and ponder my bizarre thoughts rather than focus on the pleasure that seems to be slipping farther and farther away.

What would Dad do if he were to come in here and find Brandon between my legs? I stifle a giggle. He’d yank him away from me by his hair and drag him out of the house most likely—probably landing a punch or two on his handsome face before he sent him on his way. My amusement dies though when I think about him explaining what happened to her.

My mother.

Her pale lips would fall into the slightest of frowns and her blonde brows would pinch together. She’d become shaky and weaker than she already is with worry. That very thought sobers me up completely.

“Mmm,” Brandon grunts from below, dragging me back to the task at hand.

I skim my gaze over his spiked brown hair and his bare shoulders. He didn’t quite develop into the hot boy he is now until the summer before our senior year. Six months into the school year and I still catch myself grinning. I didn’t expect to be in a serious relationship with the best-looking guy in school. But I’m certainly not complaining.


Maybe I am a little.

He’s a great kisser and an attentive boyfriend.

But I crave for him to possess my body in a carnal way that matches the blazing of my heart—to bruise my flesh as his fingers dig into me while he takes me in such a way that suggests his body needs mine for life.

“I love you.” His murmured breath against my clit jolts me and I wish he’d do it again. We’re both learning here but I hope he learns a little bit faster.

“I love you too. Don’t stop.”

With newfound fury, he increases the speed at which he circles my sensitive flesh. So close and yet still so far away. I’d like to grab onto that spiky hair and hold him right where I want him. The thought sends a thrill quivering down my spine.

I hear a car door slam and my thoughts immediately go to my dad’s best friend, Gabe. He’s lived next door to us for nearly ten years now and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Images of his dark mop of hair that sometimes hides his brown eyes—eyes that seem to always twinkle with delight when he sees me—flood my mind. Lately, I think about him a lot.

Way too much.

When Dad’s stressed about Mom’s illness, he and Gabe spend hours drinking beer and whispering stuff I’m not privy to hearing. In a way, I’m glad Dad has someone to confide in. I just wish I could curl up between them like I used to before I grew boobs and started wearing makeup. Once I hit puberty, the way I used to climb all over him like he was my favorite tree ended as quickly as it’d started. Gabe now seems agitated every time I’m near him.

His dark eyes will flick over my body briefly, and with a flash of something that makes my belly ache, but he always moves them someplace else and affixes me with his annoyed glare instead. The disdain in his eyes only intensifies if Brandon is around. If looks could kill, I’d fear for Brandon’s life.

It was as if he flipped a switch one day and didn’t like me anymore.

I may