The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise

Elizabeth Lennox - The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise

The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise
Elizabeth Lennox



She wasn’t aware of the salty tears streaming down her face as she listened to the soft beeping beside her. Kristin watched the monitor carefully, her eyes never leaving the jumping line that coincided with each beep, willing the line to jump. Praying with all of her heart that the line would jump.

“You need to sleep,” the nurse said gently as she walked quietly into Kristen’s hospital room. “You’re body needs to recover.”

Kristen knew that the nurse was right. She even nodded and closed her eyes for a moment, wanting to follow the nurse’s advice, willing her body to relax. But as soon as she heard the door swoosh shut indicating that the nurse had left the room, her eyes popped open and she continued to watch, both her hands gently covering her stomach as if to keep the tiny human fighting for life under her fingers warm and safe.

“Please don’t give up on me little one,” she said to the empty room, although she was talking to the tiny girl in her womb, the tenacious heartbeat that was fighting for her life at the moment. “I promise I’ll do better if you’ll just hang on.”

The antiseptic smells almost comforted her and the muffled murmurs of the medical personnel outside the room told her that help would be close if she needed it. Unfortunately it was all up to the little girl, barely sixteen weeks along in this life, who would have to decide if she wanted to stick around and meet her momma, or if she was too tired and frail from all the stress of the past few weeks to keep up her effort to survive.

The doctors and nurses had done all they could at this point. It was now up to God and this child’s will to live.

At some point during the night she must have fallen asleep because she woke to a darkened room but knew that Mikhail was there. She couldn’t see him, but there had always been something about him that had stirred her senses. From the first moment she’d met him it had been that way and even the terror of losing her baby couldn’t diminish the impact he had on her senses.

“You’re awake,” she heard his deep, sexy voice say from somewhere at the end of her bed.

She considered ignoring him, but knew from experience that one simply didn’t ignore Mikhail. “What are you doing here?”

His sigh indicated his frustration, but he had better control of his emotions than she did. He always had more control she thought, and the tears started once again because he hadn’t been there to help her when she’d needed some of that strength and control. “You didn’t tell me you were pregnant,” he replied.

His words, spoken so calmly, as if this were simply a meeting that she hadn’t included him in, broke through her control, releasing the stream of tears that had stopped while she slept. “You don’t have to worry about the baby any longer,” she said, knowing that he wouldn’t anyway. He was too busy setting up his next business deal, buying up whatever company he considered would be a profitable investment or a strategic move for a future business tactic. The man was a genius at making money and was worth more than one human being could spend in several lifetimes, but it was never enough for him.

In truth, Mikhail didn’t care as much about the money as he did about the challenge of beating the competition. He was brilliant at strategy and moved through the business world as if he owned it all. In fact, he owned such a large portion of the world it was ridiculous, but that didn’t help her right now and she wanted to hurt him as much as she’d been hurting for the past twelve hours as she watched her unborn child fight for life inside her body.

“Just leave me alone, Mikhail.”

Mikhail Benovich stared at the defeated woman lying on the hospital bed, her slender form taking up only a fraction of the space, and for the first time since becoming an adult, he didn’t know what to do. As he looked at her long, brown hair curling against the clinical white sheets, there was a sharp, stabbing pain emanating from the general area of his chest but he wasn’t sure if the cramping in his stomach was worse.

As a man used to being in complete control, of