They Walk - By Amy Lunderman


When I was little, I loved running in the rain. There was something almost freeing about it. The exhilaration of your blood pumping, the quick shallow breaths, and the way the wind brushes past your body. My most favorite part is how you push yourself to the point of feeling unstoppable.


Running is a way of life for me. It has been for a long time.

What’s the saying of only running if being chased?

Well, that says a lot these days.

It all began one night at a party. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t things usually go wrong at parties? Well yes, as a matter of fact they do. However, do your parties end with dead people trying to eat your face off? No. I didn’t think so. Since mine does, maybe I should explain.

My name is Maggie Cooper and I’m not your average seventeen year old.

I just happen to be the only one my age that can expertly wield an ax like my life depends on it. Basically it kind of does, depend on my life expectancy, but that’s just because of all the dead that try to eat my face off.

So here is my story. Remember to keep in mind that it’s not for the faint of heart. Lots of blood is spilt and most of it is mine. Hang on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, especially the end.

You are now forewarned.

Chapter One

“Come on Maggie, I swear it won’t completely suck.” Claire says.

Without turning to look at her I roll my eyes. How does someone respond to that comment anyway? I mean really. Here we are, two girls on a Friday night hanging out in my bedroom. School just got out yesterday for the summer, and already she’s trying to convince me to go to a party. We so rarely even attend parties, that I already made plans with my boyfriend Matt later. I suppose I should sympathize with her, since she’s single and all.

Though not for the lack of trying, that’s for sure.

For instance, one of mine and Matt’s favorite pass times is mocking all the guys she goes through. I call it payback for torturing us with double dates. It’s kind of turned into an inside joke for Matt and I. We pretty much made a game out of guessing the personality type he will have and how long it’ll take her to grow bored with him. Luckily, there are a plethora of single and sometimes not guys at our school for her to pick from.

Otherwise we’d be taking many road trips by now.

“Come on, please Maggie.” She whines.

With a sigh, I turn away from my laptop at my desk. Facing Claire, I almost laugh. She’s currently lying on her back on my bed, with her feet resting up on my headboard. She’s flipping through one of her latest trashy gossip magazines. There is some celebrity or another on the cover. It’s enough to make me want to roll my eyes at her. It’s a struggle, what with the look on her face as she stares at me upside down. She’s really trying to look sad and convincing. But can a leggy, blue eyed, redhead, who usually get what she wants, pull off begging?

I think not, that’s why I see it as priceless, and maybe a little pathetic.

Oh boy, now she’s pouting her lips. I shake my head at her and try not to smile.

I’m already turning back around when a new voice says. “You should just give in now Mags. She’ll wear you down eventually, she always does.”

I swivel in my computer chair, to see my brother Daniel leaning against the doorway to my room.

I glare at him. “And just how long have you been eves dropping, oh brother of mine?”

He shrugs and walks over to the footboard of my bed and leans against it.

I watch him expectantly, like he’ll say something important or wise. That will never happen I know, but stranger things have happened. A smile blooms across his ever bright features as he watches me. He so knows what I’m thinking about him. It’s the curse of the twin gene. We’re too much alike that it’s scary.

“Well…” He pauses for dramatic flair, which drives me crazy. “About as long as Claire’s been whining about Austin’s party tonight.”

At this Claire throws her magazine down on my bed and sits up giving me her best winning smile.

“See!” Claire is practically glowing with excitement. That is so not good, for me anyways. “If Dan’s going,