Take Me There - Jessica Ingro


Present day…

“Fuck me harder, Collin!” the girl beneath me screamed.

I looked down and saw her face had morphed into that of Isabella, my stepmother.

Her raven hair was fanned out across my pillow. Her almond-shaped blue eyes were filled with lust. Her pouty lips were parted as she breathed heavily on her way to climax.

She resembled Isabella—they all did—and whenever I pleasured them, all I could see was her. All I could hear was her throaty voice telling me exactly how she wanted it.

Faster, Collin.

Right there, Collin.

Lick me, Collin.

Fuck me, Collin.

Just like that, Collin.

You’re such a good boy. You know just how to please me.

Instantly, my cock swelled as I thrust into her faster and harder than I thought possible.

Harder, Collin.

Isabella’s words echoed in my head. Her voice. Her body. It was all too much. And even though I didn’t want to react the way I did, I couldn’t help myself. I threw my head back, growling loudly as my cock pulsed and I came so hard I thought for sure the condom would break.

I glanced back down at the girl beneath me and saw her own actual features. I winced at my behavior. I had done it again. Fucked a girl who resembled Isabella in an attempt to regain my sense of balance without her.

Pulling out, I rolled to my back. The girl’s hand reached over and rested on my chest as she murmured lightly about how great I was. It barely registered though. All I could think about was Isabella Johnson—the stepmother every boy dreamed of. And my own personal devil in disguise.


It all started when I was thirteen and came home early from a friend’s house one summer afternoon. Unfamiliar sounds were coming from upstairs, so I silently followed them and made my way towards my father’s bedroom.

As I got closer, the noises grew louder and more feverish. I could hear my stepmother moaning and my father speaking lowly to her. My friend Brad and I had watched some porn earlier that summer, so I knew what I was hearing. It was the sounds of a woman being fucked. And it sounded like she was enjoying it.

More curious than I should have been, I cautiously peered through the partially opened bedroom door and saw Isabella sitting on top of my father. She was bouncing and grinding on him. Her tits swayed as her hands plucked at her nipples. Her head was thrown back. Her long, straight, dark hair swished against her back, landing just above her ass.

I was enthralled at the sight of her. I probably should have been disgusted at the fact that she was having sex with my father. That she had his dick inside her. But none of that mattered to me as I watched her taking pleasure from him. He could have been anyone in that moment. All I saw was Isabella and how beautiful she was as the afternoon sun streamed through the windows, bathing her like an angel.

That was the first day I jerked off to visions of Isabella. And it wouldn’t be the last.


My next arousing encounter with Isabella was when I was fifteen. She walked into my bedroom with a basket full of laundry. As soon as she caught a glimpse of me, she dropped the basket and gasped.

I was lying on my bed. My cock was lubed and I was pumping furiously while staring at a picture of her sunbathing naked in our backyard.

“I’m so sorry,” she muttered, as her eyes seemed to devour the cock in my hand. I didn’t even try to hide it. I wanted her to see it. I wanted her to know what she did to me, even if she couldn’t see the photo of herself in my hand.

After several seconds of eyeing me, she scurried from the room, leaving the laundry on the floor.

As I continued to jerk off, I imagined that she had seen the photo and offered to join me to finish the job. I pictured her hand wrapped tightly around mine as I came with hot bursts landing on my stomach.

That would have never happened though, since Isabella had no idea I had taken that picture. As far as she knew, I had been away camping that weekend.

I had returned home to collect my forgotten sleeping bag when I noticed her lying naked on the chair by the pool. Her fingers were lazily running up and down her tanned midsection. As I stood there dumbfounded, her legs parted slightly as she