Sins and Scarlet Lace - By Liliana Hart


Ten Years Ago…

“Mmm, is it morning already?”

Declan MacKenzie grabbed a stack of shirts from the drawer and put them in his duffel bag before turning to look at Sophia. Just the sound of that sexy, sleepy voice had his dick spiking behind his jeans and his heart hammering, even though he’d had her only a couple of hours before.

“It’s still dark out,” he said. “You can grab a couple more hours of sleep before you need to get up for class.” He zipped up the bag and shoved his wallet in the back of his jeans.

“It’s not working, you know.”

His lips quirked in a smile, but he kept his back turned, going to the closet to grab his boots. She knew him better than he knew himself sometimes, and his head was a scary place to be. He thanked God he had her to help balance the shadows that plagued him.

“What’s not working?”

“You can’t possibly think you’re hiding that hardon from me,” she teased. “It’ll give all the other soldiers something to talk about. Unless you want to come over here and let me help you get rid of it?”

He dropped his boots on the floor and moved to sit down in the corner chair, but he made the mistake of looking at the bed and all thoughts of the new mission he’d just been assigned flew out the window.

“Jesus, Soph,” he groaned, his hand going to his belt buckle.

She was a vision—tousled blond hair framed the face of an angel, kiss-swollen lips and that sexy mole just at the corner of her mouth. She pulled the sheet down slowly, revealing plump breasts and small pink nipples. He could see where his beard had abraded her skin from the night before, and he reminded himself he needed to be easier with her, but if anyone made him lose control it was her. He flexed his shoulder, the soreness from the bite of her nails a reminder that she wasn’t always gentle with him either.

The sheet continued its downward journey until she was completely bare before him, the naked folds of her sex glistening and swollen with desire. She crawled to the center of the bed and moved to her knees, skimming her fingers up her thighs and belly until she cupped her breasts in her hands.

“You’ll have to make it good,” she purred. “This will have to last me until you get back.”

“I’m only going to be gone a week. I think you’ll survive.”

“If you’re not interested, I guess I just need to take care of it myself,” she said, pouting those pretty lips. She’d been a virgin two years before when they’d started dating, but she was the best kind of lover—generous and curious in equal measure—willing to try anything until sometimes he felt like she was teaching him.

“Like hell you will,” he growled. “But if you’re not screaming in ten minutes I’m going to come and leave you hanging. I’ve got a flight to catch.” He grinned as the light of challenge flared in her eyes and she crooked a finger at him.

“I’ve got faith in you,” she whispered. “I bet you’ll have me coming in five. Plenty of time to spare.”

A laugh burst from his lips and he moved to the side of the bed. She grabbed at his belt buckle and unfastened it before moving to the button of his jeans.

“Time’s ticking, hot shot. What are you going to do about it?”

Husky laughter escaped her throat as he grabbed both of her ankles and flipped her back onto the mattress.

“I guess I’m going to make you scream.”

He pulled her to the edge of the bed and pushed his jeans down to his hips so his cock sprang free. He’d be lucky to last five minutes himself. Her feet rested on his shoulders and he gripped the base of his cock, sliding the head through her slick folds until he groaned from the torture. Someday he’d be able to take her without a condom, but not yet. He had plans for the future he wanted to implement very soon.

“Hurry, Dec,” she panted. “I can’t wait.”

He leaned over and opened the nightstand drawer, grabbing a condom and ripping it open with his teeth before sliding the protection on. Her hands went to her breasts and squeezed and he filled her with one solid stroke.

“Fuck me hard,” she screamed.

He bent over her and held her legs together so her feet stretched above her head. And then he did as she’d