The Sheik's Missing Bride

Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Missing Bride

The Sheik's Missing Bride
Elizabeth Lennox


Chapter 1

The twig breaking to her left instantly alerted Sarila Tedrum. Her ears were on alert and she sat very still on the beach, trying to hear other sounds. She had been calmly watching the sunset for the past hour. Now it was almost completely dark with the smells of the night starting to creep up onto the beach.

The only thing she heard for several minutes was the waves crashing against the sand and the wind blowing her long, black hair off her shoulders and back.

Sarila hurriedly let the sand the sand sift through her fingers then dusted them off as she stood up, intending to head back to her apartment as quickly as possible. She didn’t think she was in danger, but she didn’t want to push her luck. It was dusk and the beach was basically deserted by now.

Another noise caught her attention, this time from the right. She bent down, trying to appear casual as she pretended to examine a shell. This second sound changed her feeling of unease to one of severe alarm. She could barely hear anything now because her heartbeat was pounding in her ears and the taste of fear rose in her mouth.

She told herself to calm down and concentrate. She couldn’t let the fear take over or she was already through.

Sarila took a deep, calming breath and straightened, trying to figure out where the threat was now. As she rose, she saw a shadow off to the right and she took steps in the opposite direction. Her shoes were on the steps and her motorcycle was only a few more feet after that. If she could get to her shoes, she could then sprint to her motor cycle and get away.

Unfortunately the shadow was too close for her to make it to safety. Whoever it was, they were very large and they were moving with her, starting to close into a circle around her.

“Calm down,” she told herself. “You know what to do.”

Sarila moved cautiously and made sure to keep the shadow in her line of sight at all times. Her muscles tensed in preparation, she looked around and calculated the distance. Every nerve in her body was tingling with fear and anticipation of the fight. She worked her way closer to the shadow, hoping she appeared unconcerned and, even better, unaware, of the threat. Then, without warning, she reached out quickly, kicking hard with her heel, then spinning around at her waist and grabbing the man’s hand, twisting it quickly behind his back. The man landed with a quiet thud onto the sand and oat grass. “What do you want?” she whispered, careful to not alert the others she’d heard a little farther off.

The man didn’t move, nor did he speak to answer her question. She tightened her hold. “What are you doing here?” she demanded more forcefully.

A deep voice laughed softly behind her. “He will not answer you, nor will he defend himself, Princess,” the voice said.

Sarila gasped as the voice moved closer. From the current distance, he was only a very large, very intimidating shadow but she knew that voice. It was from her past. A voice she swore she’d never have to listen to again. And it terrified her now more than the threat she’d been defending herself against only moments earlier.

“Who are you?” she called to the approaching shadow, not releasing her hold on the man who was still face down in the sand and weeds.

“Ah!” the voice said, feigning offense at her words. “You wound me, Sarila. I can’t believe you don’t remember me. I definitely remember you,” the voice said, unquestionably closer now.

The words were teasing and that only confirmed her worst fears. “Kasar?” she gasped, not wanting him to validate that the voice belonged the man she’d been running from for the past six years. “What are you doing here?” she asked, wishing her voice didn’t sound so scared and pathetic.

Sarila’s world started spinning. She immediately stood up and stepped back from the man prone in the sand, her feet tripping over his legs but she didn’t glance down to find out where safe ground was. Kasar was here. That meant nothing was safe anymore.

She watched more closely as the large form became larger still as he approached. His size was overwhelming and she was grateful when he stopped several feet away. Any closer and she would be craning her neck to look at his