The Sheik's Love Child

Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Love Child

The Sheik's Love Child
Elizabeth Lennox


Chapter 1

The lightening flashed outside as an electric storm huddled over Danibe, the capitol city of Asham. Every once in a while, the thunder would boom, sometimes causing the glasses on the table to shake precipitously. The mood inside the elaborately decorated room within the palace of Asham matched the ferociousness of the outside storm. Kalil Asidua Benoit the Third, Sheik of Asham sat at the end of the highly polished wooden table and listened as the angry voices argued across the table, some men standing up in their efforts to be heard, angry fists and pointing fingers.

“Enough,” Kalil said, his black, intense gaze taking in every man in the room to see if any would challenge him. None dared. The moment he spoke, silence descended on the group and twenty pairs of eyes turned to look at him expectantly.

“I’ve heard both sides of this argument and I believe we should move forward with the purchase,” he said firmly. Turning to Jasir, his personal secretary who shadowed him almost always, he said, “Make the arrangements to travel to London. We’ll leave tomorrow afternoon.” Without another word, he stood up to leave and twenty men also rose hurriedly to their feet as well, protocol dictating that no one sat when the Crown Prince was not sitting.

Without a backwards glance, Kalil left the room, his thoughts immediately moving on to the next meeting and the issues it would present.

“What’s next, Jasir?” Kalil asked, walking quickly down the hallway.

Jasir had to rush to keep up with the prince. Jasir was a small man, only five feet six inches which made it difficult to keep up with the man he served who was nine inches taller and was much more muscular which meant Kalil’s strong body ate up the distance wherever he went.

Slightly out of breath already, Jasir consulted his schedule. “You have a one o’clock meeting with the Minister of the Interior, then a two o’clock meeting with your father. Also, your mother has requested your presence at dinner tonight,” he said but this last was delivered with more hesitancy.

“Will my fiancée be there?” he asked.

Jasir nodded but because Kalil was already three feet ahead of him, Kalil couldn’t see the affirmation. “Yes, Your Highness.”

“And will my brother?” Kalil asked, stopping with one hand on the door to the conference room.

“I don’t believe he will be,” Jasir said.

Kalil thought for only a moment. “Be sure Jasim is in attendance.” Kalil disappeared into the room, leaving Jasir to follow or take care of the order for dinner.

Five hours later, Kalil walked into the family dining room. He immediately noted the tension between the two other occupants and smiled slightly. “Fighting again, Jasim? And with such a lovely lady?” he asked, walking over to where Jalla was standing by a sofa looking flushed and aggravated.

“I’d never argue with such loveliness,” Jasim said but there was an edge to his voice as he replied, betraying the truth behind his words.

Jalla ignored Jasim’s dig and turned to smile gently up at Kalil. “How are you tonight?” she asked, accepting the kiss Kalil bestowed on her hand.

“Very well, and you?” Kalil returned with equal civility.

“Fine, thank you,” she said evenly but Kalil didn’t miss the glare she shot over to Jasim as if to challenge her assertion that she was fine.

“Am I missing something?” Kalil asked in a steady voice and walked over to the bar to pour himself a drink.

“Nothing at all,” Jasim said. “How is that new stallion that arrived yesterday?” he asked, changing the subject. Kalil and Jasim talked about horses until their parents arrived. The dinner was uneventful and afterwards, Kalil walked Jalla down the hallway to the suite of rooms she used whenever she stayed within the palace. Jalla had grown up in the palace and had been named Kalil’s betrothed at birth. Kalil knew that they would work out well together once they were married.

“Why don’t you want to set a date for the wedding?” she asked when they’d reached the doors to her suite.

Kalil smiled benignly down into her soft brown eyes. “Because I don’t think it is the right time,” Kalil said, standing in front of her and taking her hands in his. “Is there anything you’d like to tell me?” he asked.

Jalla’s eyes clouded over and she started to speak, only to stop and shake her head. “No. I was just hoping to start our marriage and give you the