Secret Obsession - Katie Reus

Chapter 1

Raegan was practically vibrating with energy as she shut down her computer. She couldn’t remember the last Friday she’d actually gotten to leave at five o’clock. She loved her new job at Red Stone Security, but working with Athena in the new marketing/PR division kept them incredibly busy. Late nights and weekends were standard—the benefits and money were freaking worth the crazy hours. And she took full advantage when she was off, enjoying everything Miami had to offer.

“What are your plans for tonight?” Athena asked, stepping out of her office, a big smile on her face.

Raegan knew exactly why she was so happy too. She got to go home to her sexy fiancé. Even though Athena was only two years older than her, she seemed to have her shit together in a way Raegan could admit she envied a teeny bit. She’d traveled the world as an event planner for two years after getting a job at Red Stone and was so put together.

Raegan felt like an imposter most of the time. She’d grown up on a farm, hadn’t seen much of the world, and she knew people thought she’d gotten this job because she was Keith Caldwell’s niece. Which was sorta true. Of course, she wouldn’t have kept her job if she wasn’t good at it. “Going dancing with your cousin-in-law-to-be. Or whatever Dominique will be to you soon.”

“Let me guess, Ruby and Julieta are going too?”

Raegan snorted as she pulled out the small gift bag she’d tucked into her desk drawer, and stood. “Yes, which means Ivan will be there as a brooding bodyguard.” It was actually nice that Ivan went out with them. He was such a huge, scary-looking guy he kept pretty much all jerks away from them.

Raegan loved dancing but that didn’t mean she wanted to grind with every guy on the dance floor, and it seemed most guys couldn’t take a hint. It was like they thought that simply because she was dancing with her friends she needed a dance partner, and then said dance partner got to rub all over her. No thank you.

“Good. Remember the buddy system,” Athena said, falling in step with her as they headed toward the elevators. “And watch your drink at all times. And—”

“Oh my God, I’m going to start calling you Mom if you don’t stop.” Raegan pressed both the up and down buttons on the elevator keypad. “I’m going to see Porter,” she said when Athena raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, well, I’m allowed to worry. I can’t help it. You’re the best assistant I’ve ever had and I don’t like change, so if something happened to you I’d have to train someone else,” she grumbled.

“You’re such a liar.” Raegan knew Athena felt guilty over the kidnapping. She’d been extra protective since Vegas. As if she could have prevented what happened. Raegan had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time when Athena had been targeted by a nut job and had gotten kidnapped along with her.

Athena just shrugged. “Oh, Harrison wanted to know if we could both attend the Celebration of Chefs event tomorrow night. I know it’s last minute so I told him yes for me but maybe for you. Absolutely no pressure. This is just something fun for us but he wanted us—”

“I’m actually going already.”

Athena raised an eyebrow as her elevator arrived. She held her hand in between the doors so they wouldn’t close on her, but didn’t get in. “As in, with a date?”

“No, just as friends.”

Now her boss and friend’s eyes narrowed. “Is this with a certain billionaire who your cousins hate?”

Raegan resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “They don’t hate him and I’m not having this conversation again. Just tell Harrison I’ll be there.” When her elevator dinged she ducked into it and called out, “Have fun with your sexy man tonight!”

Athena grumbled something but Raegan missed most of it as the elevator door whooshed closed. She adored her older cousins but they were ridiculously overprotective. Because of their age differences and because she’d never left the Midwest until almost a year ago, she’d never been close to them. But now that she lived in Miami and worked for their company it was like she had three older brothers who thought every man was an enemy. And they’d apparently recruited Athena into their way of thinking.

Raegan might not have much world experience, but she’d been fending off the opposite sex since she was fourteen. She could take care