Ruined - M. Never

C.S. LEWIS ONCE SAID, “LIFE is too deep for words, so don’t try to describe it, just live it.”

“ELLIE! BREAKFAST!” KAYNE’S VOICE BOOMS through the house. “You can come down now, kitten!”

I stretch atop the cluster of pillows laid out for me on the floor. Kayne and I have been playing, and I’ve been bad—again. I smile to myself as my muscles elongate. I like being bad.

“Ellie!” he calls again.

All right, I’m coming. Hopefully, several times this morning. I pull myself up onto my hands and knees and stretch once more, like the lazy, spoiled kitten I am. The bushy white tail inserted in my behind shifts, sending a frizzle of pleasure up my spine. I take a quick glance around the brightly lit room; the sunlight is pouring through every window, highlighting the abundance of metal as I crawl past it. Similar to my living quarters in Mansion, Kayne and I have converted the sitting room off our bedroom into our own personal play space. Three hundred square feet decorated with crops and whips on the wall, a bondage horse, a swing suspended from the ceiling, a leather chest full of sex toys, and one table of torture. Oh, and my bed made up of fluffy white pillows on the floor. He loves watching me sit there, sleep there, beg there. I won’t lie; I love it, too.

I crawl out of the bedroom and down the stairs of our magnificent home, migrating toward the kitchen. Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s ours. I never imagined I’d live somewhere so beautiful, spacious, and warm. Truth be told, I never imagined I’d be involved in a BDSM marriage where I crawled around on the floor half the time either. But hey, c’est la vie, right?

The tag on my collar jingles as I reach the first floor and make my way to where Kayne is standing by the stove. I may be the one on my hands and knees, but he’s the one doing the cooking. Don’t be fooled, I’m not the only one who’s trained. I kneel right beside him.

“’Bout time, kitten.” He pets my head and continues to cook. It smells like pancakes, but I can’t be sure. It might be waffles. I can’t exactly see from my vantage point on the floor.

“Did you think about what a bad little kitten you are?” he asks without looking at me.

“Maybe,” I answer.

“Maybe?” He glances down with a raised eyebrow.

“I thought about how maybe I like being bad,” I inform him.

“There’s no ‘maybe’ about it.” He chuckles, shirtless and completely drool worthy. Cut abs, defined chest, and chiseled arms. A barbed wire tattoo circling one flexing bicep, writing scribbled across his rib cage, and my personal favorite, a colorful compass with my name on it over his heart. If I were wearing panties, they’d be drenched.

“Go outside. I’ll be there in a minute,” he orders, grabbing a plate from the cabinet.

I sit for a second, not obeying immediately as he expects. I’m going to get in so much trouble.

“Is there a problem, kitten?” Kayne asks with a hint of menace. I may not call him Master but, for all intents and purposes, he is. And ‘Master’ does not like it when I’m disobedient. I, however, love to push his buttons.

“No, Kayne,” I drawl, still kneeling beside him.

“Then get.” His blue eyes flash and my stomach muscles clench.

“Yes, Kayne.” I place my hands on the cool tile floor and begin to crawl out of the kitchen and into the living room where the doors to the lanai are wide open. There’s a breeze coming off the ocean and the sky is a deep cobalt blue. I have never once regretted moving to paradise. Even after . . . well, I don’t want to ruin the mood by thinking about that.

I kneel on the pillow next to the table. Most mornings, I sit in a chair like a civilized human being, but today, we’re playing. And it’s so much fun when we play. I, however, always wear neck jewelry, whether it’s my inconspicuous slave collar or my real one. This morning, I woke up with Kayne’s head between my legs and the thick white leather one around my throat. He had that look in his eyes—the starving beast wanted to feed.

I notice the table already has cut fruit, orange juice, and one place setting right before Kayne appears with a plate of pancakes and a bottle of syrup. I can almost guarantee this is going