Protecting Her - Alexis Noelle

Protecting Her

By: Alexis Noelle

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Chapter One


I look around the bar, trying to figure out which of these girls will be the lucky one tonight. I swear it gets harder and harder to find a good piece of ass that I haven’t hit before. Half of the girls in here are giving me the death stare because I’ve been there done that and didn’t want to put a ring on it. The other half have shot me down, which probably means they’re gay. I know people think I’m conceited and an asshole, but I really don’t give a shit. I may be twenty eight but that doesn’t mean I need to find a chick to tie myself down to.

Most people tell me I’m an asshole, and honestly they’re right. I have no interest in taking a chick out on a date, pretending like I give a shit what she is talking about and then lying and saying I’ll call her the next day. I would rather go to her place, fuck her good, and leave with no expectations of speaking to her again. If you think about it, I’m doing these chicks a favor by not leading them on.

As the bartender hands me my drink and change, a girl I’ve never seen before catches my eye at the end of the bar. She has shoulder length dark hair and legs for days. She isn’t dressed like most of the girls here with as little clothes on as possible, but she is sexier than any of them. Girls don’t understand that less isn’t always better, however, it sure makes it quicker when the chick isn’t wearing any panties. At that point, you really don’t even need to take the rest of their clothes off.

I walk over to the mystery girl, knowing that she is tonight’s conquest. When I position myself next to her at the bar, she looks over at me. “Hey, you’re new here, huh?”

Her eyes meet mine and they are this piercing green color. I wonder for a minute if they are contacts. “Is it that obvious?”

I lean in close to whisper in her ear. “Let me show you around the dance floor, you’ll be a regular by the time I’m done with you.” She pulls back to look at me and a smirk crosses her face. This one is gonna be fun.

“Okay, hot shot, let’s see what you got.”

I take her hand, leading her to the middle of the floor. Before she comes to a stop, I pull her against me, her ass pressed against my already throbbing dick. My hands run down her sides, resting on her hip bones. I grind against her, keeping her in place so she feels every inch of me. Her head leans back against my shoulder and I attack her neck with my mouth. When I nip at her skin, she yelps. Not expecting her to move, she escapes me and turns quickly in my arms. I brace myself for her to hit me