Never Give Up - Heidi Lis

Prologue…5 years earlier

OUR STUDY SESSION ended early with, both of us knowing where tonight was heading. We’ve talked about this night for so long, it is the first time for both of us. Our nerves are getting the best of us as we make small talk sitting on his bed. Knowing Micah has had his share of make out sessions is a bit comforting, at least one of us knows what they are doing. My experience to this point in my life is limited; most of it comes from my romance novels I love to read. Wow, how sad is that?

He’s so gentle and caring, never rushing me. The fact that he keeps asking me if I’m okay, has me falling for him even more. He delicately kisses my trembling lips while lying on top of me. Fully clothed, Micah is rocking his body against mine. Somewhere between scorching hot kisses, my eyes glazed over, they are entranced in his icy blue eyes. His sultry smile cascades a blazing streak of fire down my body.

Removing my shirt over my head, Micah unhooks my bra and takes a nipple into his mouth. No words could ever describe how incredible this feels. The moans escaping my throat help intensify his urge to passionately consume me. I’m drowning in every touch and kiss he unleashes upon me.

The minute his teeth graze my skin is the moment my mind spins out of control. A fire in the pit of my stomach erupts into an inferno, the only one I crave, is him. Grasping his shoulders, I strip him of his shirt. My urge to touch him overtakes me as I trace his naked chest, letting my eyes drink in the sight of him. What a sight, Micah with a shirt on is sexy, but Micah shirtless is mind-blowing.

He moans, looking as though he is in pain. “Elsa, I love the softness of your body. So perfect.” He kisses a trail of wetness licking up one side of my throat just under my ear. “Your body tastes so good, you taste like a peach.” That would be my lotion.

My slight snickering has him whispering a ‘tsk-tsk’ before rocking his jean covered erection against mine. Oh my, God, when he hits that spot, I gasp, reaching for him. I had no clue being with him could ever be this good. Locking my hands under his pillow, Micah takes a hold of my hips, raising me slightly, so our hips touch before he sits back on his knees. He’s intentionally torturing me with his rock his hard pelvis. Lust-crazed moans escape my lips while the nerves in my body take a back seat to want.

“Micah, I’m so close.” The words escape my mouth with such intensity as my impending release inches even closer.

Glancing up, his larger frame swallows my petite one. He glides his chest against mine, whispering in my ear, “Hang on pretty girl, I’ve spent way too long waiting to see you like this. You’re so much sexier than in my dreams…and my dreams were pretty damn vivid.”

After we are both stripped of our clothes, Micah traces his index finger up my entire body from toe to lips. I’m finally getting a good look at him naked, and I freeze. My eyes widen, praying like hell my body will adjust to him. He catches my scared expression and he tips my chin with his finger.

“Are you sure you want this, pretty girl? Please, say yes, or I need to take a cold shower.”

A chuckle escapes my throat as I hold onto his hand, kissing it lightly. “I’ve never been this sure of anything in my life, but I’m nervous,” I whisper at the same time my throat tightens. “I want this to be good for you, too.”

No words, instead he takes my hand and brings it to his face. Cupping his cheek, he leans forward to press his lips with mine.

The minute he reaches for a condom he had in his jeans pocket, I close my eyes, praying. I want this more than anything, but the horrific stories I’ve heard about a girl’s first time is damn frightening. Those dreadful thoughts spark a sudden panic attack, without realizing it, I must have bitten my lip because my eyes snap open when Micah is pulling it free with his fingers. At once, I release it, and he seals his lips to mine yet again. This kiss is like no other kiss; it’s a kiss to end all