Love or Money - Elizabeth Roderick

Chapter One

Marissa glanced over her shoulder to make sure the guards weren’t looking, then pulled Riel into the bathroom.

They were alone. The only sounds were those of the sink dripping water into its stainless steel basin, and the faraway buzz of an automatic door. Riel’s heart pounded as Marissa backed her up against the wall. Their hips pressed together, and their fingers intertwined.

“I wanted to give you a goodbye kiss,” Marissa said softly, pressing her soft lips to Riel’s.

Riel broke away and grinned mischievously. “I’d like more than just a kiss.” She giggled.

Riel caught Marissa’s round ass, pulling the other woman tight against her. She could feel the heat of her pussy through the thin cotton of their uniforms, and she pressed harder. A shiver ran through Riel as she felt herself get wet.

“You want something to remember me by?” Marissa asked, her brown eyes sparkling.

“Oh, yeah.” Riel kissed Marissa, running her hand down the other woman’s taut, brown belly and under her waistband, finding her hard, hot clit and rubbing it slowly. “We have to be quick,” she whispered. “They’ll be coming back from the rec yard soon.”

“Aaah,” Marissa moaned, closing her eyes. “You almost got me there already, baby.”

Riel rubbed harder, and Marissa’s hips moved against her fingers. She slipped her other hand into Marissa’s panties, making her moan again as she pushed two fingers deep inside her wet pussy.

“Riel, baby,” Marissa breathed, her body moving, her fingers twining in Riel’s cascade of wavy, black hair. “I’m gonna miss you.”

Riel brought her lips to Marissa’s, trying not to think that it might be the last time they were together like this.

Her girlfriend’s soft lips parted in a gasp as Riel fucked her faster with her fingers. Marissa’s eyes lit up and burned, and her pussy got hot and even wetter, her hips shuddering as she thrust hard against Riel’s fingers. A small noise escaped her lips that made Riel’s own clit throb.

Marissa let out a sigh and smiled, sweat dampening her smooth brow. “You want it now?” she murmured.

“Yes, Rissa. Fuck me.”

Marissa kissed her slowly, dragging her fingers along Riel’s thighs and sliding two of them into her wet pussy. Riel’s breath caught as she felt them press deep, gently stroking her inside. “Fuck me hard, Rissa.”

“You like that?” Marissa moved her fingers faster, deeper, finding just the right spot inside her. In the year and a half they’d been together, Marissa had learned all the ways to make Riel come hard.

Riel moaned. “I love it. I need it. Oh, I need it so bad.”

“Good, baby, ‘cause I love to fuck you.” Marissa pulled Riel’s shirt up and ran her firm tongue around her nipples, pounding hard with her fingers. Riel gasped and moved her hips, getting close.

She felt Marissa tense up. There were footsteps approaching. Marissa’s eyes darted to the door, and she pulled her fingers halfway out.

“Don’t stop, Rissa, please,” Riel whispered. “Oh, God, please. Make me come.”

The footsteps came closer, but Marissa took one look at Riel’s face and thrust her fingers in deep again. Deeper, again and again, until Riel moaned Marissa’s name, trembling in ecstasy.

Marissa quickly whipped her hand out of Riel’s pants just as the bathroom door opened.

Officer Cheney came in. The guard’s hard gaze flicked back and forth between Marissa and Riel as they stood frozen, watching her. A drop of sweat ran down the back of Riel’s neck.

Cheney raised her thin-plucked eyebrows. The radio on her belt beeped and hissed out a message garbled by static. Riel’s heart pounded in her throat.

“What are you two doing in here?” Cheney asked.

“Going to the bathroom, ma’am,” Marissa said, her face blank.

The guard’s eyebrows crept higher, her gaze falling on Riel. “How much longer you got, Hernandez?”

Riel’s hand darted up to wipe the sweat from her nose, but she managed to hold Cheney’s grey-green eyes evenly. “Just a wakeup. I get out tomorrow.”

Cheney tapped her stubby fingers against her belt. “I’d be careful, if I were you. Wouldn’t want to delay your release by getting in trouble.”

Riel swallowed. “No, ma’am, I wouldn’t want to do that.”

Riel thought she saw the ghost of a smile rise to the guard’s pale lips. “Get out of here, you two, if you’re done going to the bathroom.” She wrinkled her nose.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Marissa and Riel let out simultaneous breaths and exchanged a relieved look as they scooted out the door.

“Good thing it wasn’t Carter,” Riel murmured as they power-walked down the hall to the TV room. “We’d be in