Last Chance - L. P. Dover

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for picking up the last installment in my Second Chances series, LAST CHANCE. A while back, I wrote a prequel to Luke’s story called One Taste. It’s a short story of what happened between him and Lara during their one night stand. The first couple of chapters of this book are that story, but I added in some bonus material, so make sure to read through it for the extra details.

I wanted to encourage everyone to read it before they ventured on to Last Chance. A year passes between both stories, so I highly recommend refreshing up with One Taste beforehand. ENJOY!

Thank you for giving my Second Chances series a chance.

Includes extra scenes

“Crank, you stupid piece of donkey shit. Just two more miles, that’s it. I promise to never starve you again!” I yelled, slamming my hands against the steering wheel. I turned the key one last time, but the damn thing just sputtered. Groaning, I closed my eyes and rested my head against the wheel.

My sister was busy working at the restaurant we owned, and my best friend was most likely busy with her new, dreamy, football-playing husband. I had no one to call. When had I become such a loser?

Huffing, I pulled a pair of shorts and a tank top out of my bag and stripped down. If I was going to walk two miles in the blistering heat, I wasn’t going to do it wearing a blouse and pants. Already drenched in sweat, I got out of the car and winced as the sun beat down on my skin. There wasn’t a single cloud to hide the unforgiving sun. Summer was brutal in North Carolina.

“This has to be payback for something,” I whined, trekking alongside the road. It was two o’clock in the afternoon, the worst time of day. Either everyone was at work, or at home, relaxing by their pools. I was never going to let my car get below a quarter of a tank again. Ever.

A couple of people honked their horns, but no one stopped. What ever happened to southern hospitality?

A rumble came up from behind and a muffled shout called out, “Lara!”

Jerking to a stop, my breath caught in my lungs. I was surprised he would even take the time to pull over for someone in need. Luke Collins was all about getting pussy, twenty-four-seven. And I hated the fact I’d ever had a crush on him. Granted, he had gotten much worse since losing Kate to Cooper, but he was just such a douchebag. I guess putting his dick in whatever skank he could find was his way of dealing with a broken heart.

“Lara?” he shouted again.

Placing my hands on my hips, I turned, the light breeze from cars driving by blew my blonde hair into my face. He shut off his bike and slid off his helmet, his hair drenched in sweat. He gave me a smile that made me shiver. Damn him. “What do you want, Luke?”

“I saw your car down the road and figured you needed help.” He paused and raked his gaze down my body. “Unless you’ve got a new job I don’t know about. You are looking pretty hot in those shorts.”

I scoffed and muttered, “I guess I should’ve expected that, having a vagina and all.”

He squinted and leaned forward. “What?”

“It was good of you to notice,” I said loudly. “But I don’t think many men will want me after I’ve been out here, sweating my ass off.”

His gaze lowered to my hips. “We don’t want that, now do we, cupcake? I like it the way it is. Where are you going?”

Rolling my eyes, I took a step back and continued walking backward, refusing to give him another chance to check out my ass. “To the gas station. My car ran out of gas.”

Grinning from ear to ear, he started his bike and slowly trailed me.“I see. Then it looks like I get to rescue you.”

“More like patronize me. Why are you even here? Don’t you have some groupies waiting for you somewhere?”

He chuckled and nodded toward something behind me. “Head’s up.”

Gasping, I turned around and almost walked headfirst into a road sign. I dodged it and turned right back around, giving him my front once again.

“I know my face is gorgeous and you can’t get enough, but maybe you should turn around and watch where you’re walking.”

“As if.” I huffed. “I don’t want you staring at my ass. I know how