Just Breathe Again - Mia Villano


October 9th, 2010

The earthen smell of fall blew through the air on a seasonable warm Saturday. The sun was bright and fell on the leaves casting beautiful colors against the light. Though the air was warm, something inside Jeannie felt cold and different that day. Something was off, and Jeannie Franklin could sense it the moment she woke up.

Earlier, she dropped her daughter, Lydia off at horseback riding lessons and her son, Michael, was still at his friend’s house. Jeannie’s husband, Vince planned to go for a motorcycle ride across town later that afternoon. Halloween decorations were strewn across the lawn and she planned on decorating the entire house. Halloween was always everyone’s favorite holiday and Jeannie always went overboard.

Later that afternoon after Jeannie hung the last of the motion activated witches, she came in to make lunch. Vince was waiting for her in the kitchen, but he wasn’t hungry, at least not for a sandwich. He threw her over his shoulder and walked her upstairs to their bedroom, not saying a word. Over the years, he became domineering and Jeannie loved his new approach to their sex life. That morning, he surprised her with his silent forcefulness. Once he carried her into their bedroom and locked the door, he pressed Jeannie up against the wall.

“Tell me what you want. Tell me how much you want me.” He breathed in her ear, undoing her hair so it tumbled across her shoulders. His breath smelled like mints, warm and heavy on her skin. Jeannie rubbed against the front of his pants begging for him to release his cock. He smelled masculine, clean, and rugged. He was dressed to go on his motorcycle and it drove Jeannie out of her mind to see a bandana tied around his head.

“Vince, please fuck me.”

“Fuck you how, Jeannie? I want to hear you beg me,” moaned Vince, as he consumed her mouth slipping his tongue deep inside.

Jeannie tried to get his belt off as he had her body still pinned up against the wall. His mouth on hers, biting her lip, and sending a pulse to her sex. Her hand rubbed between his legs. She felt his hardness as she unzipped his pants and touched his cock. His unforgiving length made her moan with instant desire.

“Not yet. I want you to beg more. How much do you want me to fuck you? Tell me, Jeannie.” Panting, she licked her dry lips unable to answer with anything but a moan. His lips trailed down her neck as he kissed and sucked on her skin. He had not kissed her that much in a long time.

“Get these pants off me, Vince,” she cried, trying to free herself from her tight jeans. Vince’s were already pooled at his feet. He grabbed her hands and held them over her head tighter and rougher.

“No, I’ll do it.” He took one hand and undid the button to her jeans, slid the zipper down, and pushed her pants to her knees. Vince kept her hands up over her head with his one hand, as his other hand found his favorite spot.

He rubbed her clit with his fingers through her drenched panties. Jeannie’s body tightened and the tension built. The force of her orgasm caused her legs to buckle and Vince held her to him as she trembled in his arms. She didn’t usually come that quickly. Something in his touch, the way he made her feel, the look on his face, brought her orgasm on in full force that morning.

“You want me now? You want me inside you?” He let her go and took off his shirt. She pulled off her shirt, pants, and underwear. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bed on top of him. Unlike most wives she talked to, Jeannie loved sex and always wanted her husband. She loved how sex felt, tasted, smelled, and she loved to watch Vince when he made love to her. She loved the faces and sounds he made when he came. Jeannie loved everything about her husband and the feelings didn’t fade away.

“Vince,” Jeannie straddled him as he kneaded her breasts. Vince, adored his wife’s full and perky breasts. She loved being on top so she could look down at him and watch how he enjoyed her. He grabbed her ass as she took him slowly enjoying every inch he had. His masculine hands held on to her and helped her work her way up and down his perfect shaft. The