JAX (The Beckett Boys #2) - Olivia Chase


This edition of JAX (The Beckett Boys, Book Two) contains the following bonus content: SPIKED, a standalone sports romance novel by Harper James.


When we finally get to my room and the door closes behind me, I lock it, and Jax steps toward me. He grips the back of my head and slants my mouth in a hard, insistent kiss. I find my knees weakening and I grip him to keep myself standing.

His cock is an iron rod pressed against my thigh. I feel it pulsing, and my pussy clenches in some kind of instinctive need. No, I chant to myself, I can’t do that. No sex. Just…I don’t know what, but I want more of him though. I can’t even imagine the things he could show me. The ways he could please me.

He pulls back and his lips are parted, his eyes dark on mine with the blue of his pupils barely visible. He’s panting, and his breaths are matching my own frantic inhales. “God, I’ve wanted to taste this mouth for far too long now.”

When his fingers reach for the bottom of my shirt, I pause.

He stops moving and swallows. I can see the urgent need in his body, in the tightness of his muscles. “Tell me what you want, darling.”

The fact that he stops instantly and read my nervousness makes me feel a little safer. “Um.” I lick my lips and shrug. “I…don’t quite know. More of what we did before. And I would like to…” I suck in a steeling breath and reach down to touch his huge dick. It jumps under my fingers. “I want to see it and maybe taste it.”

Jax’s groan shudders beneath my skin. I’ve only touched a naked dick once before, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing then. But with Jax right now, I feel like that doesn’t matter. He just wants my hands on him.

I get bolder and cup my hand, run it along the length, over his tight jeans.

More than anything right now, I wish I had the courage to unzip those jeans and take him out, feel it for real, nothing between us.

“God,” he moans, “yes.” His fingers grip my waist under my shirt, but he doesn’t move them. He opens his eyes and looks at me. “I want to put my mouth on that pussy. Let me taste you, Brooklyn. All over.”

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JAX (The Beckett Boys, Book 2) by Olivia Chase


What the hell am I doing here?

I let out a deep sigh and then check to make sure nobody noticed. This rehearsal dinner isn’t quite what I expected, even though my cousin Aubrey warned me that her fiancé and his brothers were…different.

Turns out that was the understatement of the year.

Nothing Aubrey told me could have prepared me for what I’m seeing, because the Beckett family and their friends are all wild.


Even a little scary.

They drive motorcycles, pickup trucks, proudly sport tattoos and scars. And although this dinner is a happy occasion, as I sit here at the table, I can practically smell the testosterone in the air.

I know I don’t belong here, and so does anyone else who’s taken so much as a passing glance my way.

Even the women, the girlfriends and wives and friends of the Becketts, make you feel intimidated. They have big boobs and shiny hair, and they flaunt everything proudly.

I take a deep breath and try and remind myself that this is just one wedding. A couple of days to suck it up and then I can go back to my normal, slightly boring life, and forget that this other world even exists.

“You look like you could use a shot,” comes the smooth, masculine voice from just over my shoulder. Someone has approached me from behind. A large hand brushes through my field of vision and places a filled shot glass on the table in front of me.

I turn and find myself looking up at the most gorgeous pair of eyes I’ve ever seen, and a very arrogant smirk that says he knows it, too.

This is Jax Beckett, the dead-sexy middle brother. The guy who, three minutes into the rehearsal, was already working his charm on every bridesmaid in the lineup. In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw him stuffing a pair of black panties into his