Hexed Hearts - Becca Vincenza


I say this every book and I truly mean it, this is one of the hardest parts. But this time it’s a little bit easier because I know so distinctly who was there for me through every melt down moment I had. This book was certainly an adventure. And I hope it was a start to something really amazing.

First I have to thank with all my heart and more: Tony Onica. My wonderful, knight in shining armor. Tony – if you are reading this, thank you so very much and please don’t kill me for not letting you edit this part. I couldn’t have been more amazed and proud of all the work you forced out of me. We like to flatter each but I am being 100 percent honest when I say that you made this happen. Even if I sell one book, I have never been more proud to release a book in my life. Thank you for taking a chance with me, and for holding my hand the whole way through this process. I can’t ever thank you enough and I can’t wait to work with you more! *So a warning Tony – I am stealing you as an editor as long as you will have me*

I need to thank my girls, all them. My betas who looked at this way back in December and gave me amazing feedback and kept me pushing toward the finish line. I was excited to present you with Colette and Hunter’s story and now I am so excited for you to all read it again and just be blown away. So thank you: Jen, Dawn, Nans, Kia, Tabby and Melissa. Cause not only did you ladies really help me through the first time around but have been supporting me forever, which I certainly am not sure why but I appreciate. More than you know.

My always supportive friends, Airicka – who makes the best covers ever, because have you seen the cover? Both my Kims, Wallace and Schaaf, Andrea, Jessica and Anna. You ladies keep me going even when I really just rather give up. Especially you Jennifer, who I am pretty sure had to talk me from the edge a couple times with this one. I can’t thank you ladies for being the support I need.

Thank you to all my new and old readers. You are an exceptionally amazing group of people who never give up on me, and for that I am forever grateful. I hope that this totally rocks your socks.

Special thanks to my street team and those who work so hard to help me out – you know who you are and I appreciate every single one of you. If I could list everyone’s names without writing another book solely of names, I would.

Hexed Hearts

Chapter One — How it Began

The metal scraping of my boxed cage jarred me from unconsciousness. Light slanted through the small, barred windows at the top of the high walls. The walls were gray stone and the world felt smaller every passing minute. Limper, aptly named by me because of his staggered gait, pulled me to a cage.

My bottom lip trembled and my heart raced. Fear made my eyesight swim. Or maybe it was the lack of food. I hadn’t eaten much since they brought me here. The last foul drink they forced down my throat had burned all the way down.

Limper stared down at me, a scar bisected his eyebrow and continued down to his chin. It cast a shadow of menace on me and made my whole body tremble.

He hit the hardest, and smiled afterwards.

The other adults hit just as cruelly, but looked down or away after. I huddled away from him, shielding my fragile body from his violent filled gaze.

Limper dropped my cage into a new room. I bounced against the thick metal bars. The space was too small to avoid knocking into the sides and made my tiny frame seem bigger than it was. He added more bruises to existing ones. I held my tongue. Tried to hold in my yelp.

Limper gave me a satisfied smirk as he kicked my cage one last time and turned away. He walked to a single metal door set deep in the bare concrete wall. A small, ominous window occupied its center. I flinched as the metal door slammed shut behind him.

The scraps of clothing that had survived the months of abuse did nothing to block the chill in the air and the coldness of