He's Talking Secrets - Taylor Rose

2015 by Taylor Rose.

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Printed in Australia

First Printing, 2015



For the first time in, well….years Brandon De Lecour was excited, really excited, even if he wasn’t quite showing it on the outside. He is so accustomed to being a CEO and an internationally recognized face; he is hoping that these next two weeks are going to give him a chance to be a complete unknown, somewhere in England. Or at least that’s the plan.

If you looked at Brandon De Lecour “on paper” he is a man who has everything. As the CEO of Garden Gate Seedlings Inc. a company that Brandon started as a young boy collecting seeds and cuttings from neighbors or when he went running through the local bush land in his home town in California. He then grew them and sold the plants. Twenty-five years on Garden Gate Inc. is one of the biggest suppliers of seeds and seedlings, internationally, employing hundreds of people in twelve different countries. He became an overnight sensation when he walked out in front of the cameras on the world’s biggest day time television show to do what he thought, at the time, was a one off segment on a garden overhaul. Little did he know that this would lead to developing his own television show which is viewed by over 800 million people worldwide. He is living a life most men would envy. He is aware that his natural good looks have made him an international success found only from being on television. He is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. But he really doesn’t take himself too seriously unless you are talking about the business arena. Why not use what you have? Brandon never worked too hard for the attention of beautiful women, has a garage full of fast cars, owns several luxury apartments in several different countries and regularly travels internationally. Brandon is absolute perfection as a specimen of the male race, with devastating dark good looks and a charm which is just so smooth no women can resist him. To date he has managed not to get involved or more importantly attached to any of the woman he has dated. At this stage in his life he is feeling restless and out of touch with where he started and where he thought he would take his interest in the environment and growing plants. Instead of changing the world and saving the environment he spends his days under fluorescent lights locked up in board rooms, in front of the cameras or flying from country to country. With production of his sixth series just about to start he is feeling restless and somewhat disconnected. Brandon has made a decision and what seems like a rash moment, to his staff, Brandon is walking out of his offices in London having announced that he was taking an entire two weeks off work. He knows that he has a great management team in place who will deal with any issues that may arise in that time. This is his time to rediscover his roots (so to speak) his gut instinct is telling him that there is something out there for him that he needs to discover. He left his London office on Saturday morning and after driving around England he stumbled into a village pub at lunchtime Sunday afternoon, booking a room for a few nights, only to ascertain from the publican that the Lady of the local Manor House is in the middle of a complete garden rejuvenation project. Maybe this is exactly what he is looking for? He does have a preconceived idea of what the Lady will be like as he makes his way up the driveway to apply for a position he isn’t even sure he wants…..

Lady Sophia Birmingham - is not looking for love, and that is set in concrete. Sixteen years ago at the age of eighteen she entered into an agreement which she misinterpreted would grow into love, only to discover that her only role was to produce at least one heir to her husband Lord Archibald Birmingham the Sixth who at the time was thirty years her senior. While she had become fond of him, theirs was not by any measure a blazing love affair. Six years ago