Her Perfect Match - By Jess Michaels


To Michael, for always understanding and supporting my weird quirks, my mini-meltdowns and my dreams.

Chapter One

Vivien Manning spent her twenty-ninth birthday in the same manner as she had done the past three years. First, breakfast on the veranda of her London home overlooking the park. Then a morning of shopping with friends who had come bearing gifts which both delighted and surprised her. Finally, she capped off the day with a gathering she hosted each year to launch the Season. And now…well, now the time had come for her usual ending to the special day.

She looked across the room at the two naked men waiting for her on her bed. Two more different gentlemen there could not be. One was Trevor Smithing, the first footman of a friend who had bestowed him as her “gift” a few hours before. The very handsome first footman, probably eight years her junior with pale blue eyes and blond hair.

The other was Seymour Lawrence, tall, dark, with eyes the color of midnight. He was a wicked, wicked man, in more ways than one. A merchant who had worked his way up the ranks to riches beyond his wildest desire, he had been pursuing her for months and had finally agreed to this one-time tryst rather than a long-term arrangement.

Vivien shivered as she slipped her robe from her shoulders and presented her naked flesh to the men.

“Mmm,” Lawrence purred as he stroked his hard, generous cock. “Even better than I imagined.”

Vivien laughed as she moved toward the bed. Trevor stepped toward her, catching her in his arms when she was in reach and dragging her against him for a surprisingly passionate kiss. Vivien relaxed into the embrace. She’d been told tales of the sensual footman and his talents at pleasing ladies, and thus far his reputation lived up to its billing.

As he sucked her tongue and tasted every inch of her mouth, she felt hands come around her from behind. Lawrence stroked her hips with delicate caresses, even as he arched against her. When his tongue came out to trace her neck, she broke from Trevor’s kiss with a gasp of breath.

“Shhh,” the servant urged her as he cupped her face. “Just feel, Vivien. There is no need to do anything but feel.”

She blinked as she stared at him. Once another man had said something similar. Another man on another night…

She shook her head. She was not about to ruin her birthday with thoughts of that. Instead she shut her eyes and returned her lips to his.

She drove the kiss this time, despite his reassurances that all she need do was feel. That wasn’t her nature. It never had been. She took what she wanted and tonight she wanted to forget and to come.

Lawrence chuckled from behind her and glided his fingertips up her sides until he stroked her breasts. His hands cupped her, squeezing her flesh, tweaking her nipples between a thumb and forefinger. Her breath shortened and her knees went weak at the pleasure created by his touch coupled with Trevor’s deep, erotic kiss.

“Now lie back,” Trevor whispered as he nudged her toward the big bed. She’d had it designed specifically for pleasure. It was wider than the average bed and nearly filled the chamber. She took her place against the pillows as the men joined her, one on each side of her.

“Open your legs,” Lawrence demanded, pressing a quick, hot kiss to her mouth.

She nodded and slid down a little, parting her legs to reveal a sex already slick and ready. Both men looked down her body with admiring expressions. She watched as they looked at each other, silent communication passing between them as to how to best take advantage of this brief and highly coveted night in her bed. After all, men fought over the right to be a part of her birthday pleasures.

This birthday, she had chosen exceedingly well.

In tandem, they slid down her body, Trevor moved slower as he glided his mouth over her collarbone, her chest, and finally settled at her breast, sucking one nipple between his lips and scraping his teeth over the already sensitive flesh.

Vivien gasped out her approval of this movement, but the gasp just as quickly turned to a moan as Lawrence reached her sex. He used his thumbs to spread her outer lips open and she jolted at the touch. But the feeling was nothing compared to when he brought his tongue down against her and began to lick her pussy.

She lifted her hips