Haunted - Sunny Wolfe



Sunny Wolfe



“As long as you have a book, you are never truly alone.”

Sunny Wolfe

2014 by Sunny Wolfe


Proofed by: Greta Maloney


Grammar Edited by: Jennifer Moorman


Warning: This story contains graphic violence and sexual situations. All characters are eighteen and older. Adult content! This book is not intended for and should not be viewed by anyone younger than the age of eighteen.

Chapter .5 – Author’s Note

This is the second and final book in the Taken Series. If you haven’t read Taken you can find it here.

Taken (The Taken Series Book 1)

As you’ll notice, there’s even more music mentioned in this book than Taken. I am very moved by music. For me, music can tell a story all on its own. If I mention a song and you are curious, please take time out to listen to the song. I have included a YouTube channel link that has a playlist of the book.

Haunted Soundtrack


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I have also included a Track List in the back of the book with the song titles and artists’ names. I have nothing but awe and respect for the artists mentioned. I own no rights to any song. I simply wanted you to enjoy the music that moved me deeply during writing this book. I have also included a Pinterest board after the track list for your enjoyment.

Chapter 1 – Roman

I was checked out at the hospital. The staff had been gracious to me and Beth. The hospital staff, along with the police department, put our rooms off to the end of a hall with a guard standing watch. I was anxious to talk to Beth, but the police were in my room, and I didn’t think it would look good to say, “I need to talk to my girlfriend first before I talk to you, and oh, I know she is married to someone else right now but we are in love.” I’d just wait.

The police took my statement. They said everything looked on the up and up and clearly everything looked like self-defense. They informed me they tried to talk to Ms. Lowe, but she wasn’t doing well. All she could say was “It happened so fast.” I was glad Beth remembered what I told her, but I was extremely worried about her, and I wanted to walk over to her room to check on her. The police said I had to look through some mug shots before they could let me rest. They needed to get an APB out on Andrew and it didn’t take me very long to spot him in the book.

Finally, the police left and I could go see Beth. As I was getting out of my hospital bed, I heard a loud booming voice in the hallway.

“Where is Beth Lowe?”

“Uh ma’am, I don’t believe Ms. Lowe is up for guests right now unless it’s immediate family.”

“Look, I am her fucking family!”

I peered outside the hospital room. I knew Beth’s parents died fifteen years ago and the only family she had was Joey and technically Eric since the divorce was still in motion. I had no idea who this could be, unless it was Phoebe and Eve with a little girl in tow. The police only had orders to keep out the press and, of course, Andrew. I wondered how that fucker had gotten away. I’d strangled him pretty hard and I swore I thought I’d shut the cell door.

“Ma’am—” the nurse interjected.

“Can’t you tell we are her twin sisters? Now get out of the way. She needs us.”

The taller woman had to be Phoebe, the one giving the attitude to the nurse. She was blond with dark highlights in her hair. The other must be Eve with black hair and a pierced eyebrow. She was quiet, but I could tell she wouldn’t cave either. Phoebe turned and walked into Beth’s room. I felt a little jealous that they were able to see her first. I hadn’t even seen her since we’d left Tate’s house.

That’s when several things happened at once. First, I heard Phoebe say, “What the hell happened to your hair?” and then I heard Beth let out a blood curdling scream. On instinct I ran as fast as I could to Beth’s room. I even beat the nurse on her way there. I pushed past Phoebe and Eve and ran to Beth’s bed. She was screaming with her hands covering her face while rocking back and forth. I