The Greek's Baby Bargain

Elizabeth Lennox - The Greek's Baby Bargain

The Greek's Baby Bargain
Elizabeth Lennox


Chapter 1

As the intense heat beat down on her blond hair, Emma clutched her small black purse nervously in front of her, unknowingly allowing her nails to dig into the soft leather. Standing in front of the enormous, intimidating steel and glass structure that housed the headquarters to Christoph Enterprises, she bit her lip in uncertainly. Was this really her only option? Had her life become so completely out of control that she was back in Greece with the hot October sun shining down without mercy, almost making her dizzy? She stared up through the trees at the sun, feeling the sting of the burn on the uncovered portion of her shoulders, fighting the nausea that almost overwhelmed her.

Maybe it wasn’t the heat, she told herself. It might also be that she hadn’t eaten in about twenty four hours now. Glancing at her watch, she noted that it was already after lunch time.

Sighing, she acknowledged that it could also be the fear, no the terror, of facing her husband after four years apart.

She jumped when someone bumped into her from behind. “Excuse me,” she replied, stepping out of the way as the person tried to go through the heavy glass doors. She’d been standing in front of them for several minutes now. It was time to face the music – or the yelling, she told herself.

There was a large courtyard made up of fountains and olive trees with several other native varieties of Greek vegetation. If Emma weren’t so terrified, she would have stopped and admired the landscaping. But the truth was, she fully expected to be kicked out of this building as soon as she stated her name and purpose.

Why had she come then? Wasn’t there any other option? Had she really dried up all other resources?

Sighing, Emma knew that this was a last resort. There was no other place to go. And it was now or never so she’d better get it over with. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she walked forward and pulled the glass door which swung open more easily than she’d anticipated.

“Good morning,” she smiled to the security guards standing sentry behind a marble counter. “I’d like to see Dimitri Christoph.”

The guards were startled by her request. “Excuse me?” they asked, obviously never hearing the words before. They frantically strived to overcome their shock and regain their intimidating stance. “Do you have an appointment?” one of them asked, glaring at her as if he were about to arrest her.

Emma shook her head and smiled with what she hoped was a sincere expression. “No. I don’t have an appointment but,” she started and swallowed, knowing this was the first test, “I think he’ll see me. I’m his wife.”

Even the words sounded strained and felt odd rolling off her tongue. Was she still his wife? She’d left Greece four years ago. Wouldn’t he have done something to dissolve their marriage after this long?

The guards looked even more startled before settling down into distrust. “I’m sorry, but what is your name?” they asked.

“Emma Christoph,” she replied, wishing it wasn’t the case. But if it wasn’t, then she’d have no way of getting to Dimitri, would she? And she desperately needed him. Well, she didn’t need him so much. She needed his money. She’d been turned down by so many banks and her current employer wouldn’t provide an advance on her meager salary. She needed money. Lots of it. There was no other way to get it. He was her last chance.

She watched as the guards picked up the phone and spoke rapidly in Greek to someone at the other end of the line. It took only moments before the phone was put down and she was handed a security badge and shown to a private elevator.

The ride up to the thirtieth floor was terrifying, the bitter taste of fear stinging her throat. In contrast to the heat of the outdoors, the air conditioner made her shiver. Or was that more of the fear, she wondered.

This had to work, she reminded herself. She had rehearsed her speech so many times, but would it work? Would he listen to her? Was there a scrap of compassion left within the man? If not, she was wasting her time and she was in more trouble than she could imagine. Because she’d spent the last of her savings on the ticket out here. She’d bet everything on the hope that she