Ghost of a Chance - By Kirkendoll, Kara

Ghost of a Chance

Chapter 1: The Wheel of Fortune Chapter 2: The Fool Chapter 3: The Hermit Chapter 4: The Moon Chapter 5: Chains Chapter 6: The Lovers Chapter 7: Death Chapter 8: Judgment Chapter 9: Justice Chapter 10: The Sun Chapter 1 The Wheel of Fortune

As she sat staring out over the aged and water stained balcony, sipping on her third cup of java for the morning, and nursing an incredible hangover, Drew wondered what she was going to do now that she had been evicted from her second floor French Quarter apartment. She flicked a cigarette with one hand and absent mindedly rolled a lone ivy leaf that had made its way over the top of the banister in the other.

It wasn’t her fault the stupid old ladies had been out walking in the middle of the night when she and her friend Liza had decided to moon the sleeping neighborhood.

Didn’t old people have curfews or something? She thought.

It was the French Quarter. People showed body parts all of the time, but it just so happened that she knocked her shot glass off of the balcony, and knocked one of them in the head. She wasn’t quite sure what caused her to do the things that she did sometimes. Last night’s mishap had been brought on by the dozens of margaritas that she and Liza had devoured, one right after the other, or it could have been the countless shots of tequila. Either way, it was New Orleans. It was the place for partying right? Wasn’t that what you were supposed to do?

It wasn’t like she was a complete loser that did nothing but get drunk and into trouble all of the time. She had a good job working at the local art gallery, and if she would ever get her head out of her ass and try to sell some of her own work she might be able to make some extra money for a down payment on her own home. She didn’t think that she would be able to get another apartment this time. After all of the bad references she had had in the past she had barely gotten this one.

She played with the hot pink strand of hair that hung unruly in front of her eyes. There was no way she was calling her mother. She hadn’t talked to her since last Christmas when she showed up at the “family” dinner completely inebriated. She didn’t know what the big deal was; she was having a good time after all.

Drew was an only child, and for many reasons she preferred it that way. She would have hated to have had someone else to look after growing up. She could barely look after herself and Lord knows her mother hadn’t done a very good job of it. Any brothers or sisters that she would have been blessed with would have ended up being her responsibility.

She didn’t know how long it had been since she had been able to sleep in and not because she wasn’t allowed to. This particular morning was no different. She had watched the sun rise just as she had many mornings before, whether it had been from staying up all night or just tired of tossing and turning trying to get a few minutes of sleep. She didn’t need to look inside over her kitchen counter to know that it was now creeping up on the eight o’clock hour and she was in no way near ready to get off her butt and start the day.

A large bang came from what sounded like the living room area. Liza must have decided to join the living by falling off of the couch. Poor Liza, she had been Drew’s best friend since Drew beat up that girl for her back in Junior high. She couldn’t remember her real name, but she and Liza had called her Kelly, because she looked and acted like she was a perfect young Kelly Barbie doll. The bitch.

Liza had been kind of a geek in school and after that day in gym class when Drew had had just about enough of those preppies picking on anyone that didn’t look and act just the way they did, Liza had followed her around like a shadow. It kind of annoyed Drew at first because at the time she was happy being a loner. After a couple of weeks though, the two were inseparable.

“Good morning, Sunshine!” Drew yelled in through the sliding doors