Friends With More Benefits - By Luke Young


Brian was lying naked on the bed, rubbing his hands together impatiently while he craned his neck, struggling to peer into the bathroom. He sighed. "Come on."

Jillian poked her head through the door. "Just a second." She disappeared and then called back, "Hey, did you send the prenup to your lawyer friend?"

"No, I signed it. I trust you and I just want my birthday present."

"I really wish you'd have someone look it over."

"Please get out here so I can look you over."

She appeared in the doorway wearing a white lace teddy, her full breasts busting out of the top, and her pink nipples showing through the sheer fabric. She stood there for his pleasure. "Do you like?"

"I do."

"How does it feel to be twenty-seven?"

He smiled. "Awesome, now."

Jillian grinned as she slowly made her way over to him. "I've got a surprise for you—a couple actually."

"Really, what?"

"One at a time."

Brian eyed her up and down, and his penis began to grow as a result. He said, "Is that new?"

She nodded. "This is the first surprise." She ran her hands down slowly over the lace fabric and stopped between her legs. "It snaps way down here, if you need to open this up for some reason."

He swallowed hard. "That's, uh, good to know."

Jillian's eyes traveled down his lean, muscular body to his erection as she climbed on the bed. She ran her tongue over her lips and gasped, "You are ready to go."

He nodded, as she knelt between his legs and took hold of him with both hands. His cell phone rang on the nightstand. He sighed. "My mother said she'd call tonight. She has the worst timing."

Jillian gave him a sexy look. "It won't bother me if you get it."

"If I don't, she'll keep calling and calling."

"I insist," she said with an evil grin.

Brian answered the phone, "Hey, Mom."

Jillian chose that moment to engulf him in her mouth.

He gasped softly. "Uh, what's that?"

She lifted her head and grinned at him, and then went back to work.

"Oh, I'm having a good birthday. Just staying home tonight...Jillian? Yeah, she's good."

Just then Jillian did something extra special down there. Brian said quickly in a cracking voice, "Actually she's great—she's absolutely great…couldn't be better."

She got into a rhythm over him. His eyes glazed over, and it became more and more difficult to concentrate.

"What…Yeah. Oh, sorry, Mom. Can I call you back tomorrow? We’re just in the middle of a movie, and I really want to see how it ends."

Jillian pulled up from him and stared into his eyes, as he said, "Okay, Mom...bye." He put the phone down. "What's gotten into you?"

"When ever I think of your mother, I feel like really taking care of you."

"I wish she would call more often then."

Jillian moved up beside him on the bed; she unsnapped the bottom of her teddy, and the front end retracted up, exposing her completely shaved pussy. He exhaled deeply. "You shaved."

"It is your birthday." She pulled the teddy up off her body and tossed it onto a nearby chair. Then she straddled his chest and lifted up on her knees, eight inches from his chin. His eyes traveled down from her face to her breasts and then settled between her legs.

"The second surprise is in the pool."

Brian looked at her intrigued. "Where's Rob?"

"Out all night."

"You’re sure?"

"I'm positive," Jillian said, as she moved her body to within a half an inch of his lips.

He stared right into her beautiful parts and sighed. "You, uh, don't want to stay here?"

"I think you'll like what I have for you down there."

Brian extended his tongue to lick her. Just before he made contact she pulled away and climbed off of him. He gave her a sad look. "Hey."

"I bought a huge raft. I want to lay in it and float around the pool for like an hour while we do sixty-nine. It's a big boat—it matches your big cock."

Brian leaned up on his elbows and smiled at the compliment. "That sounds like fun."

"You go get in the boat and stay hard. I'll be right behind you."

Brian rushed out to the pool, jumped into the water, and climbed onto the giant three-man raft. He lay there waiting with a goofy smile, while touching himself and just staring up at the beautiful starlit Miami sky. He heard the door open and close, and then a splash in the pool. Seconds later Jillian grabbed the raft and poked her head up over the side to look at him.

She grinned, and said