Footprints In The Sand - Michelle Horst

Chapter One


I rush through my morning routine. I need to get to the bus stop. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I love school, that’s not the reason I’m in such a hurry. Every day is the same for me. I brush my teeth, scrub my face clean, and comb my hair into a ponytail. I grab the nearest pair of jeans and the first shirt I see.

Then I run for the bus stop. I do all of this as fast as I can, so I can be there before Seth Brody comes out of his house.

Yeah, my whole life revolves around Seth. I’ve had this huge crush on him since the first day I set eyes on him. With time I fell madly in love. At the age of seventeen, I’ve never really been in love. Not until Seth. Sure, I’ve had a crush on a boy, or two. But, Seth Brody is my first love and there is nothing more important than him in my tiny world.

We live in a RV park. My parents love to travel, so every few years they pack up the RV and we hit the road. Then I have to leave school and start all over again wherever the road ends up taking us. This is the longest we’ve stayed in one place. I think it’s because the beach is so close. Mom and Dad both love the ocean. So lucky for me it looks like I’ll be able to finish school here. I’ll be able to be around Seth for a little while longer, and just maybe we’ll end up going to the same college.

I love everything about him, the way his light brown hair looks like he forgot to brush it. I love his earthy scent, he doesn’t wear that spicy aftershave most of the other boys wear to show that they’ve started shaving. He always wears a white shirt, covered with a long sleeve that’s rolled up to his elbows. We both wear chucks. When I saw Seth wearing them, I begged Mom to get me a pair.

I pull my shirt free from where it’s stuck beneath my bag and then adjust the straps over my shoulders. I’m always nervous, even though I’ve been doing the same thing every morning for the past two years. It’s the last day of school and I’ll miss the bus rides, where I can just sit and stare at him. At least I’ll see Seth during the school holiday, as he lives only four RV’s away from me. I’ll be making a lot of trips past his RV in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him.

“Morning.” I’m so caught up in my day dream that the sudden greeting scares the wits out of me. I look up from where I’m staring a hole in the ground to see Mr. Brody smiling at me.

A huge smile splits across my face at seeing Seth’s dad. “Morning, Mr. Brody. How are you?” It looks like he’s just been jogging. His black hair is matted against his forehead and his shirt has sweat stains around his collar and under his arms. I notice his shoes are caked in sand and briefly wonder where he was running to get them that dirty.

“I’m well,” he squints into the morning sun and then looks back at me, “you’re out here early. It’s another twenty minutes before the bus comes.”

My fingers twist nervously with my bag straps and I pull them tighter over my shoulders. “Ahh … I…” my mind races like a wild horse to think of an excuse, and then the morning sun blinds me. “I like the fresh morning air! It gives me some time to get ready for school … and … ahh … stuff.” I shrug, not knowing what else to say. I’m so not telling him that I’m waiting for his son!

“Alrighty then,” he looks up the narrow street and as I follow his gaze I see Seth. I hardly hear Mr. Brody’s goodbye and wave lamely at him. My eyes are glued to his son.

I drink in everything about Seth. From his still wet hair, that’s making it shine dark as the glare of the sun catches it, to his chucks.

He is one RV away from me, but he is concentrating on his phone. Just as he reaches me the stupid phone rings. Like always, he gives me a quick smile that settles deep in my heart. I feel my face strain into a smile