Flawed Heart: House Of Obsidian - Bella Jewel


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A massive thanks to LM Creations for this gorgeous cover. Every time we work together, I swear it just gets better and better. These covers are breathtaking, so thank you. Also to Golden from FuriousFotog and his GORGEOUS models for always having a picture on hand for me to create this beauty. Thank you for always being there to help me out. You’re all amazing.

To Lauren, my epic editor. You are the best thing since sliced bread, no lie. You seriously are the best person EVER to work with. You are quick and your notes always make me laugh. No one else could ever keep up with my writing pace, but you always nail it.

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To everyone who has lost love and been lucky enough to find it again. To second chances and the epic romances that sweep us off our feet.




Dear Max,

I wanted to write to tell you why I ran. There are things you need to know. I know you were hurting, but I just don’t understand why you didn’t speak to me, why you pushed me away . . .



I am writing this letter because I want to clear some things up. You hurt me. You broke my heart. There are no words to describe how you made me feel. I don’t know what I want; I just need . . .



There’s something I need to tell you. It’s important. I don’t know how to do this, but it’s imperative you know. She deserves to have you, even if I don’t want her to.


Max, why did you do it?

Do you regret it at all?


To Max,

Do you still think about me? Does your heart still ache? Do you remember the good times? Is there even a small part of you that wishes you never lost me?


Is there any love in your heart left for me?

Any at all?

Do you remember when you used to call me Blue Belle?



I just don’t think I can ever forgive you.




I stride down the halls like a rooster, puffing my chest out, nodding at the girls who smile at me. It’s my second year in college, and in that time I’ve created somewhat of a name for myself. Star quarterback, popular, good with the ladies—I have it all. College, so far, has been one of the best experiences of my life.


I stop walking and turn, staring at my best friend, Reese. He’s jogging towards me, bag in his hand, which is trailing behind him, bouncing with each step. He stops in front of me, dropping down so his hands are on his knees. His dark hair falls over his face and he’s gasping like an unfit, old man.

“Dude you need to get fit,” I smirk down at him.

“I ate too much pizza over the summer break,” he groans, patting his stomach.

“Excuses, excuses,” I scoff. “Coach will make you do double the training if he sees you hunched over, huffing like that.”

He flips me the bird and straightens. “Where’s